A Special Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow our only daughter and her family are moving just four hours away from our home here on the lake. It’s a real answer to prayer and we are so excited. I spent yesterday gathering a few kitchen items to take over. I have boxes of home decor and housewares I no longer use but think I’d better have her go through it all before I start loading her down with stuff she might not want or need.
Today I will be busy cooking stuff to take over, blowing up balloons, and finishing a banner I made to hang in their home. We will drive over early so we can make sure the house is in tip-top shape and then spend some time in our old stomping grounds. It’s always fun to see how things have changed in the years since we’ve been gone. Who knows, maybe we’ll run into some old acquaintances somewhere! We are staying until Wednesday and since I’m not sure if I will be anywhere that I can connect to the internet I may not be able to post for a couple of days.  I will have so much to catch up on, won’t I?
I got another good video of the bear in the yard again today. I discovered the reason I can’t upload them is because my satellite internet service is not high speed. It isn’t slow like dial-up. In fact it’s pretty darn fast, but apparently not fast enough for that function. We have heard that there has been a new phone tower that’s going to be activated in August that might enable us to get cell phone service from our home and supply us with very high speed internet too.
 This is a photo I shot last night of the sunset through the trees.
I hope your Monday is starting off as well for you as it is for me!
Blessings Friends

23 thoughts on “A Special Day Tomorrow

  1. Your heart has to be so full of joy. Such great news. I can't imagine Holly not living close by as she is only a few miles away. Hope you have a great time with your daughter and her family. Enjoy! Oh I love the banner.


  2. You are going to love having them closer! That's one lucky daughter to have Mom gathering up goodies to bring her. I thought the last picture was a fire in the woods… that's one blazing sun!


  3. I'm sure she will appreciate the things!Good luck w/ the cell phone tower. We were finally able to get cell phone service here about 2 years ago. I get internet through a MIFI card as a result, and it's much faster than dial up was, but it's still not super fast.


  4. Hi Kimberly, You must be thrilled to have your family moving within driving distance! I know I would be. That is so sweet to make a banner and have things set up for them to move into their home. I hope you have a wonderful visit!Blessings, Pamela


  5. Oh how excited I am for you that your daughter will only be 4 hours away! I'd be just giddy if it were me. Mine is 14 hours away from me and some days I can STILL (it's been 3 years now) hardly stand it. I am going to visit her on the 18th of this month for 10 whole days and I am counting down the days. I love that you have collected items for her. I do that with my 2 daughter in laws. When we moved here a year ago after 25 years I let the 2 of them come over and take turns chosing going through all the things I was going to either give away or sell in a garage salE…there wasn't much left when they were done, haha….What a fun memory that is. ENJOY your time with you daughter…..HUGS


  6. I know how exciting it must be to have your daughter living closer. My daughter just moved across country to live in Colorado! My son and his family are already there, so I knew she's be in good proximity to them which will be nice. Someday my husband and I hope to retire in Colorado so we will all be re-united..I can't wait!


  7. I can just imagine the joy – to have your daughter and her family within driving distance – bliss!My son and his family live in Ontario and I long to see the little boys. I know that in three years or so they'll be back on this coast, but being so far away at this time in the boys' lives is so very hard.Have a wonderful celebration!


  8. 4 HOURS AWAY?! THAT IS SO FAR… are they actually moving 'closer' to you than they were before? If so that would be a good thing…I know you seem so excited, so I'm happy for you. I don't know what life would be like if my kids lived too far off! LOL… My oldest is thinking of moving 20 miles across the Hi-way from us…she lives right next door right now. So that is a stretch for me… Enjoy! …and I like the banner too! Pat


  9. It will be a great day for all of you. Family, yes family…so important.I can tell by the way you wrote this post, you are excited.Sending happy prayers of thanksgiving up to the heavens for you!


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