While I was Working

  I started my whole de-cluttering process two days ago. And yes, it’s been agony! You
know how it is-“Oh, I can’t get rid of that, Shannon (a young girl that worked for
us many moons ago) made this mug for me in her pottery class. Or my sister made
that pillow for me 15 years ago, but it hasn’t matched anything in my house for
the last 10 years. Well anyway, while I was working look what was going on right
out my front window. The nerve of this fella. Like he has nothing more important
to do with his life, but waste the day sailing on his boat on the Gitche Gumee.
See him sitting there? Like he doesn’t have a care in the world. While less than a
mile from him, in that log house is a woman whose world is falling to pieces because
of this:
See that Liptons tea sign? I’ve had that since my daughter was born. She’s 30 now.
That old sifter-I still love those little apples on it. But I have another one I use all
the time. Remember, this is about getting rid of what I’m not using and don’t really
need. The old brown Colvert milk jug was used to decorate our restaurant years ago.
That wooden raven box was from my Yukon years. I think my son in-law will like
it, along with the westerns.
Now this is just the house stuff. DH reminded me about all the boxes he moved out
of the garage into the shed!.
Just more proof that I am truly taking this seriously. This is a set of corelleware I’ve
used for years. My  MIL bought a large set of dishes at the Salvation Army for her
“camp” and had extra to share with me, so one set has to go as the other comes in.

Is this little fellow going? Not on your life! He faithfully holds my reading glasses when there
not on my face. Which isn’t too often anymore.
This fellas a flirt if I ever saw one. He holds my Baileys  scouring pad for the pots.
He not going anywhere either now that I’ve found him again!
This is what Becky at Sweet Cottage Dreams call “schtuffkies” The definition she said is:
stuff, fodder, cuteness, whimsical junk. What ever it is-it’s just too sweet to get rid of.
Nothing to say about this pair-I just like ’em.
My kitchen at my last home was done in “retro” with lots of red.
No, these aren’t going anywhere either.

OK, what do you think? Did I do good? So far I’ve done the kitchen cabinet, the china
cabinet, and the hallway pantry. Tomorrow I’m heading up to the loft. Believe me
that is going to be more than a one day project.

Just another couple enjoying their day on the lake. Sadly, in another month the sailing
and the canoeing will all be over. The fall winds will begin and the waves will be too
strong to be caught in the waters. But that is next month not now. But it’s a reminder
to me that I’d better get out there while I can and enjoy it.
You have a lovely day friends!

31 thoughts on “While I was Working

  1. I too have been decluttering but it all about paper. Cleaning out desks and counter tops and any other top that collects some type of paper. you have some hard decisions some pretty cute stuff but get out on that lake decluttering can wait.Cathy


  2. You have been busy Kimberly! I love the vintage glassware near the end of the post. I have so much stuff too and got rid of a lot recently but I still have more than I'll ever use, especially the vintage things. It's so hard to part with them though! Isnt' it??? Have a great day in the loft! The lake looks beautiful.


  3. Oh how I hate the “D” word! I don't like Decluttering. It's an ugly job– AND! I tend to be married to my stuff. 😦 I don't want to get rid of it because I have attachment issues ??? did I really just say that. I may need an intervention~ LOL~~~ …good for you, biting the bullet and just doing itPat


  4. It is never easy to do what you are doing, it would be hard for me as you have some really neat things. I love that you call it Gitche Gumee.I can always hear the Gordon Lightfoot song in my head. Have a great day though and that sail boat is just beautiful.


  5. There must be a decluttering bug going around. I have been on that track since January or February of this year. And I have read of so many others doing the same thing.I found it was like pealing an onion. The first go through I saved some stuff – but got rid of alot. The second go through I decided that some stuff I saved I really didn't want so it went. And so on. It has been a process but it is finally resulting in space in my life.


  6. Oh, it's so hard sorting through all those treasures, isn't it? I need to do some major de-cluttering here, but I don't see it happening any time soon. The views of the lake are quite lovely. 🙂


  7. Your words struck a chord with me…oh yikes, guess I'll have to go back to work on our closet!Memories, love, they are entwined with so much of what we cherish.All joys to you,Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  8. decluttering is NOT in my vocabularly…at this time in my life…I still like cabin stuff and making stuff for the cabin…does it ever end? I'm helplessly or hopelessly in love with my stuff…I've got a problem…I know…Mel's Designs from the Cabin….Mel


  9. All treasures! The close ups on these are terrific.Oh, be sure to show us the action on the lake that comes in another month. Love seeing the sesonal changes.So how much did you purge?


  10. I have to tell you I went through this the other day with my son as he began sorting through my pantry. He found all kind of stuff and I had a reason for holding on to everything. (in the end I did let go of quite a bit, but it was difficult) his words, “not TV scary difficult” but difficult just the same 🙂


  11. Yay, keep going girl!! It feels so good to get rid of stuff that you don't need or use anymore. I went through lots of cupboards and closets earlier this year, before we had our garage sale. What a abig sigh of relief when that stuff goes out and NEVER comes back in. (everything left over was donated.)


  12. Hi Kimberly, I came by to say thanks for the sweet comment you left for me.I took some time to look down the blog a bit and found so many interesting things.I also have that little doggie glasses holder and the Bailey's cup… a Mr. and Mrs. set! xoxo Bunny Jean@ Bunny Jean's Decor and More!(myMAIN blog)


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