bear video

This, my friends was taken in early summer. Now that I know how to do this, I’ll show them all. But I thought I should do so in the order they were video taped. It did take 40 minutes to upload this to you-tube! I like to think I got a little better at video taping with each one. This one was a little shakey.
Hope you enjoy it-it’s short, but sweet!

16 thoughts on “bear video

  1. Great video Kim! But, I'm with the other commenters above too. :DJust a little too close for comfort. I guess they must be very used to having humans around as they don't seem to be bothered by you. But, Please be careful :-)Blessings, Pam


  2. Your blog is so lovely also…what part of Alaska is your son in?I have bathroom piles by bears in the yard but I have yet to see one this summer… far, in town though this past week an officer shot a brown bear that was 10ft….I would want to walk into him!


  3. Amazing. I can upload directly through blogger and it only takes about 5 minutes. I also turned the resolution down on my camera (so it isn't as high quality) and it loads so much faster. You did a good capture there…What? You didn't throw him a treat?;>) xo Diana


  4. Oh my gosh Kimberly, You did a great job with the videos but do these bears visit often? I would be terrified of the kids playing outside!! Years ago when I was in school we would see bears on our trips up to the Great Smokey Mts. in Tenn.but never see one wild when visiting any more. Please be careful. I would be scared to go outside. Angela


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