Corn Sheller Revisit

Back in the early days of my blogging life I ask my followers to guess what this contraption
was. And if you remember this post, you’ve been a faithful follower for a long time! Thank
you! For my newbies who weren’t around then, it’s a corn sheller. You put the whole cob
in and turn the crank, and out comes your corn kernel.
I sure wish my grandpa had had one of these on his little homestead. I remember helping
him shell corn, and let me tell you, it made for some pretty sore thumbs afterwards.
My grand father was one of those men who could do anything. I suppose with nine mouths
to feed during the depression, one had to take work where ever one could find it, and either
raise ones own food or hunt for it. He was a fisherman, a hunter, a gardener, a butcher,
a wood carver, artist, and musician. But what stands out the most in my memory is that
he was a ‘piano’ man.
Yes, before Billy Joel appeared on the scene, my grandpa was playing piano in the bars of
rural Missouri. When my dad and his brothers were at home they, along with Grandpa
and my great uncle, had a singing group. They were tailored after ‘The Sons of the Pioneers’.
They sang on local radio stations and traveled around the communities to the fairs and
auditoriums performing. But when the boys left home, grandpa was on his own, so that’s
when he became a ‘piano’ man. He had never had any lessons, he played by ear only.
Which is really a blessing when it comes to songs requested by folks.
I don’t really know how I got off on that whole story! Oh yeah, the corn husking memories.
You know how one memory leads to another, than another.
Well anyway, I’m joining Lisa at Two Bears Farm  for Rural Thursday. Please pop over
and see what her other rural friends are sharing today.
Have a good one-Kimberly


19 thoughts on “Corn Sheller Revisit

  1. My brother had 1000 sows. We had a corn sheller like that and we would take the corn and shell it and then he had all of these crockpots that he made this junk that he cooked all day and fed them at night. 🙂 We had so much fun putting the ear of corn into that deal and seeing how fast we could make piles of corn. He was trying to make money on his sows so that is why he would buy his corn like that. We had the radio on and we would stay down in the barn and do that for hours. I love that your Grandpa was a piano man.Mine was a guitar man. 🙂 I loved your story.


  2. Wonderful memories…they can lead us all around Robin Hood's barn. So were they any good? That band of brothers and their dad? I bet that you loved to listen to your grandfather play. I certainly loved listening to my grandmother play.


  3. I'd give anything to run across one of these on the next cleanup day in our old barn. Not because I need one, but just because I love the looks and its history. Thanks for not making us guess!


  4. These are wonderful memories of your Grandfather, Kimberly. That's neat that he could play all those songs by ear. I can remember husking a lot of corn when I was a kid too. 🙂


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