A Long, Long Road

“It’s a long, long road with many of winding curves that leads us to who
knows where, who knows where”? This is a line out of a song from
my teenage years. I can’t remember who sang it. Maybe Simon &
Garfunkel? It seems so appropriate for my life these last few years.

    I’ve come to realize that many times when we think we have our 

    future planned out, the man steering the ship has other plans for us.       
Just when I’m feeling comfortable and settled he opens a window I
hadn’t even been looking to open.
It’s not unfamiliar, I’ve traveled these waters before.
I’ve said “hello” to my friends along this road a time or two, or three!
I won’t be relying on the ‘sign forest’ to direct my way! I have passed
this way many times and know how to navigate from here.

I feel certain you’ve already guessed it! DH and I are returning to the Yukon!
   We will be leaving in four weeks.
 I don’t want to overwhelm you (bore you?) with all the details right now.
But I did want to share my ‘big news’ with you, as I’d promised I would.
I will be back on Monday, if you’re interested, to tell more.
Until then, I hope you have a great weekend, my friends.

32 thoughts on “A Long, Long Road

  1. just for a visit or are you movng back?How exciting this must be for you.I can here your excitement and love for this place in your writing!I can't wait to hear more!


  2. OMG…that's all I think about is Alaska and am I too old to go and be a pioneer woman? Did you live there before? When I saw that deserted cabin I thought …oh yeah….that's for me! But my age and illnesses and lack of wilderness know how keep holding me back but I get signs all the time to go….like this post! Every time I put it out of my mind someone throws a book at me about Alaska or there's a show on t.v. or a posting like yours….Please keep in touch and let us know if you're going to stay or just vacationing! Either way…VERY EXCITING! I've never been at all. I knew it was Alaska with that first picture…don't know how I knew but I did. I'm so excited for you I can barely stand it!LOL!


  3. The Hollies, 1969–“He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother” Recorded again by Neil Diamond in 1970 Wow, those photos are beautiful! I bet you will have a wonderful time! Stay safe!


  4. Beautiful photos Kimberly. I am shocked at your news especially if it means you are moving back to the Yukon. And in four weeks?! So, is it a visit or a move? Will you still be blogging? I hope so. I'd certainly miss you. I guess I'll have to wait until Monday for the details. Blessings to you. Hugs, Pamela


  5. OMGOSH! What news. Do you mean you are MOVING back there? How do you feel about that…is it a good move for you? I can't wait to hear more. 4 WEEKS….am I dreaming or did your kids just move closer not too long ago? xo Diana


  6. Oh Kimberly, that is BIG news! It sounds like you are happy about it, I'm glad that it's you, my friend, and not me. God did not make me to enjoy the “real” north country. Winnipeg is northerly enough for me these days. You still have a son living there, right? Please tell us more, I am very interested in hearing. You can email me at:cjstower(at)gmail.com. I would love to hear more. Will you be able to blog still? If not then maybe we can find another way to interact.Love and hugs, Cindy


  7. Oh what a adventure! I love that you are doing this with your husband. Memories will be made.I'm so glad you started blogging and will have one less reason to feel lonely.Just catching up here after a few weeks.


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