Never Sleep Three in a Bed


Did you ever sleep three in a bed? Back in the 1950’s it wasn’t
all that unusual to have children sleeping together in one bed. In my family
there were four girls and three boys, with only three bedrooms.
So my three brothers slept in one bed, my three sisters in
another bed, and I in my baby bed in Mom and Dad’s bedroom.
This is a photo I copied from our family album of  two of my
sisters when they let my brother climb in bed with them one
morning. So sweet!
This is a photo of that same little guy and my sister a few years
later with me. You can only imagine how spoiled I was with
three older brothers and sisters! It was truly a wonderful childhood.
We covered so…much territory and did so much visiting in such a short time. But it was great to see everyone before we take off for the Yukon. The weather was warm up until we started north through Michigan. Now it is back to freezing here again. We stopped at the border to do a little shopping and I was able to find some fabric for either new blouses or  aprons. What do you think of the cherry fabric? Definitely summery, I thought.
I had more photos to share, but blogger won’t upload anymore
right now!  So, I’ll try again tomorrow.
It’s good to be back home and back to blogdom land again!
Take care-Kimberly



21 thoughts on “Never Sleep Three in a Bed

  1. Glad that you were able to do so much visiting since it'll be Skype for a bit. Yes, I did a lot of doubling and tripling up in childhood with my sister and a cousin here or there. Good times…except for the poor little one in the middle. Fortunately, it was not I.Lovely fabric. Does the Yukon get warm enough for such summery fabrics?


  2. Oh I have had three of our boys in one room and shared beds also…and those are the memories they talk about, not the years after when they all had their own rooms…there is truly something to be said in favor of shared rooms and beds.Your pictures are great…glad you had a nice visit


  3. I have missed you Kimberly! Welcome back. I hope you had a good visit with your family. You will be so far away from them soon. When is moving day? I love the old photos. We were 3 sisters in one room and our 1 brother had a room to himself. So unfair!! lol The fabric is so pretty especially the cherries. Take care. Hugs, Pam


  4. Cute pictures of you and your brothers and sisters! What wonderful memories you must have of your childhood, as part of a large family. I had 3 sisters and we had so much fun! The cherry fabric does look summery!


  5. Hi Kimberly,It's always fun to see someone's childhood photos. Even if I didn't know you then, it gives insight into their lives, somehow.I love the cherry fabric and it coordinates so well with the polka-dot.Have a lovely day,Cindy


  6. Nice to have you back,Kimberly! I love the 3 in a bed. I only had one brother but I can remember having a bath with him in the big old tub when we were just little kids. xo Diana


  7. Love those pictures!We slept two to a bed for a bit.My younger sister and I shared, and slept toe to toe.Love the fabric, and it sounds like you are having a wonderful adventure.I've started a new blog (keeping the old one private for family)Click on my name and come for visit.Always Fixin' Never Sittin'Stay warm…. Kerin


  8. It is so frustrating when you have pictures to post and are unable to do so…Hopefully we will get to see them tomorrow…I do remember sharing a room with my sister…Full size bed and we had plenty of room!Enjoyed your post.


  9. Your childhood pictures are so sweet. :o) What special memories you must have. We have four girls in a tiny room early on, we were in two sets of bunk beds. :o)Your fabric will make darling blouses and aprons. :o)


  10. Kimberly, your pictures are precious and how loved you were and still are I'm sure. I was an only child and always wished for brothers and/or sisters but it was not to be. You are very fortunate! I love the fabric! I love cherries on anything and everything!Did you see my post on all the goodies you sent me? Thank you again SO much. It was a real treat!


  11. My 3 sons shared a room for a couple of years. Bunk beds and a crib. Later after we moved the 2 younger ones shared one for YEARS….they did have their own beds though. I always shared with my sister too until I turned 14, and then half the time we ended upn in the same bed anyway as we talked until we dozed, haha. I loven the cherry print. Looks summery to me to. Glad your back!


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