Just Call Me Millie Matchmaker

A Silly- Dilly Post
Well ladies, most of you know I’ve been in the Yukon for a week now.
During this time in the course of my work I have met a few single fellows
who are interested in finding a bride to share the rest of their lives with.
Upon discovering that I have a blog, they thought I might have a few
connections with some women who are single and might be longing for
a life of adventure (yeh, right) here in the Yukon Territory.
I tried to deter them from involving me by saying that the way one usually
meets another person over the internet is by submitting a photo of
oneself first and then take it from there if you are both agreeable.
Honestly, I find being involved at all in this  rather seedy. But since they
went to the trouble of going out and having a photo taken, I’ll just post the
 pictures and if any of you are interested just let me know! 
#1 Manny  Mendenhall

#2 Curly Carmichael
#3 Willard Whitmore
There you have it ladies! I’ve done my part-the rest is up to you!


26 thoughts on “Just Call Me Millie Matchmaker

  1. Well lets see, I've been single now for 20 years and if this is all that there is to offer out there, hummmm! I think I will stay single! But thank you for doing your part!


  2. Tempting…but fortunately, I'm already married. I'll run it by my daughter though!Thanks for the laugh! I simultaneously almost wet my pants and spit out my coffee!


  3. Thanks for starting my day off on a humorous note. When I heard you were living in the Yukon I was eager to learn more about the area. Now that we've learned about eligible bachelors … I can hardly wait to see what's next.


  4. I'm single and all up for adventure and you know I love Alaska and the Yukon but that last one looks a little too much like my ex…gave me the willies! LOL!I am not interested in marriage or anything that even smells of it plus I'm old and even if they're old they want some young chick. I'm happy as is and I don't want to mess that up because at my age you don't get any “do-overs” anymore. So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! There's bunch of baby boomers that are getting divorces now so tell them not to give up hope! It was on the news last night.


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