Mountains Galore!


We traveled back from Whitehorse today to our work place. As I’ve said before,
you are surrounded by mountains everywhere here. I only snapped a couple of
photos of the St. Elias mountain range as I don’t want to bore you too much
with non-stop scenery pictures.
This is a view of the mountain as we are approaching Lake Kluane (Kloo-aw-nee).

You see this marshy looking area?
This is what the same area will look like after the June run off from the mountains
takes place. Isn’t that just amazing? I just can’t believe it, even though I seen it
with my own eyes several times.
We were delighted to see mountain sheep today on Sheep Mountain. But the
zoom on my camera just isn’t strong enough to show much more than a dozen
white dots so I passed on even posting them.
I have tomorrow off, so I’m looking forward to catching up once again on all
of your recent post and hopefully figuring out how to set up my pininterest
See you tomorrow-Kimberly

26 thoughts on “Mountains Galore!

  1. Kimberly,Those are the most amazing pictures. Are you starting to get some what settled in your new home? I bet you've seen more wild life there than before. Enjoy and don't work to hard.


  2. beautiful beautiful photos!, I still have the print of the otter waiting for you, when ever you are settled, send me your address, if you would still like, my gift to you, for your new home away from home, it take care, you ruly are in a beautiful area aren't you, just amazing photos,


  3. Kimberly, You could never bore one wi th those amazing photos. Love looking at them and wishing I could visit in person. Thanks for sharing your “neck of the woods” with us. The mountain photos are beautiful. Enjoy your day off.Angela


  4. So beautiful.You guys have such amazing scenery all around you …. lucky!Love the lake that fills in from the run-off. Very cool.Are there fish in it?Have a great weekend 🙂


  5. I was beginning to get worried about you. So glad you have some time off. That picture of the mountains is so beautiful it almost doesn't look real. And that marsh that turns into a lake…that's the best “before and after” I've ever seen! How do you live with that much beauty surrounding you every day? I'd never get anything done as I'd be staring out the window or want to be outside looking around all the time! LOL! I watched the credits for Sargent Preston and Yukon King the other day and it was filmed in Hollywood so it's not real at all. But I think of you every day when I watch it. Sure wish they still had those Mounties! LOL. Why did they disband them anyway? So good to hear from you. Are you staying where you're at or moving on down the road? Enjoy your weekend and all that majestic beauty!


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