A Note Card Party

  I’m joining my friend Vee  for her Note Card Party today.
I’ve chosen the seasons as my theme. This photo
is from my spring chives-last year.
Summer shot of my beloved Lake Superior.
A Fall scene on the drive to our home.
And winter on the Gitche Gumee.
If you’d like to see what beautiful Note Cards the other
‘partiers’ have come up with, be sure to hop over to Vee’s.
Happy Tuesday!


31 thoughts on “A Note Card Party

  1. Well, Kimberly – great minds and all. I also chose the seasons this time around. It's fun to compare my west coast photos with your mid-continent ones.


  2. Kimberly, the seasons is a perfect them for Note Cards and your images are all lovely. I'm particularly fond of fall. Great selections for Vee's party. Party On!


  3. Oh, yes, the seasons make a a wonderful theme for note cards. I took a closer look at those chives and I swear that I could reach out and touch them. Of the seasons, fall is my favorite so I am particularly drawn to that crimson tree. Yes, this is a set that I could cheerfully own.


  4. Seasons is such a great note card theme. I'm typically someone who likes color and “warm” images, but the winter scene really drew me into a moment of reflection … great representation of mood in a photograph. Thanks for sharing.Robinhappilyhomeafter.blogspot.com


  5. Good Morning Kimberly,Love the photos that you've chosen for the blog hop.I saw a few other blogger friends there also, and everyone has posted such beautiful pictures!Hope that you've been having a great week. Blessings~~Kerin


  6. Oh…those pictures are SO gorgeous! I'm already looking forward to Fall! Here in the South…summer is my least favorite….too hot! I'll just have to look at your snow pics and maybe that will cool me off! LOL!


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