Happy June!

It was a happy June morning here in the Yukon!
This was the view from my work window at 8AM
this morning looking out to the mountains and
Kluane Lake.
I want to say thanks
 to all of you who have offered good advice
on how to get out of my ‘rut’. You’ll be happy to
know I picked up my crocheting today and I’m
nearly done already with my crocheted Swiffer
cover. I did also bring my sewing machine, so once
we’ve moved into our larger quarters I’ll be able
to use it for craft projects too. As far as writing
a book goes-I don’t think that will happen!
Hope you have a great weekend-Kimberly 

25 thoughts on “Happy June!

  1. Wow no kidding snow!!! Oh my gosh, is that normal? I am so glad that you have things to do and I am really glad you brought your sewing machine. You know I never asked how long is this going to be? Just the summer or a lot longer? I thought of something the last night, you could take up training dogs for the sleds. 🙂 That might be fun. Since I always wanted to do that. Are there any old bookstores? I was thinking of something I could send you up there. How often do you get mail? Anyway just thinking about you.


  2. Oh no! That is not a pretty sight for June 1st. At least it will melt soon, I hope. I'm glad you've picked up your crocheting again. A swiffer cover? Cool idea! Have a great weekend Kimberly. Blessings, Pamela


  3. MY gosh- I am complaining about the cold here (low 50s) and you have SNOW in the early summer there. You are a braver person than I am. I need the warmth and even WI is about as far North as I would ever want to go. You tell your hubby that he has a WINNER in you! xo Diana


  4. =D Well shoot! You'd write a good one. Snow. On June 1. Probably common. That would toss me into a rut so fast. Hope that it doesn't last.


  5. Snow? I thought Northern Ontario was bad, but no snow in sight. That isn't to say it is hot here, because it isn't yet. We do have a state of emergency in Thunder Bay right now, the East End and Northwood basements are flooded with sewage, roads have washed away and our sewage plant is underwater and not working properly (huge amounts of rain in a short period of time). They have asked the residents to flush the toilet as little as possible and use as little as possible water. There are fundraisers happening to help the flood victims and the city has pulled together and are trying to help . Just a little news from the old neighbourhood.


  6. Kimberly,I take it there are not snow day's for you, lol…..just teasing!!!I remember as a kid living up in Marquette, we would get snow in June. I'm glad to hear your crocheting and have your sewing machine for future projects. Try to stay warm,enjoy your June snow and don't work to hard!


  7. WOW!! Snow? Makes me wonder what it will look like in winter? Wonderful that you have your sewing machine, and that you can crochet. Hope you have a good week-end!


  8. O my ggoodness — that can't be right having snow — but after thinking I've lived in Utah enough years to know that even on 4th of July it can snow.. so maybe this is normal – winter (forget about spring) summer then Fall.. By the way I crochet too — show the swiffer cover when your done..Hugs..


  9. Kimberly, I caught up on all your posts since I last visited. Oh dear girl…it does look like it is rather dreary up there. Snow in June. I was laughing at my grandgirlie today as she was playing with cotton fluff which was coming down like snow. Such a difference isn't it?I'm glad to hear you have dug yourself out of your rut and will soon feel like a true Yukoner.Meals made for you eh? I could enjoy that for a spell.


  10. I guess it's not so surprising, seeing as you are living near the top of the world! I'm glad it's you there and not me. It was very warm here on Friday, June 1st, in the 80's.Hugs, Cindy


  11. You could do a photo book…that wouldn't require a lot of words or a a plot of any kind! LOL!SO glad you started crocheting again. Those swiffer pads you crochet are neat! You could sell them I bet. I've been a busy bee here trying to take advantage of the cool temps because once summer gets here it will be nigh on to impossible to work outside unless I get up at 5 which I just might have to do! I LOVE snow! It wold be perfect for me…what am I doing in the South?????


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