I’m Wondering………

  As many of you know we will soon be making our
way back home again to the north woods of Ontario. As I day dream about home, I can’t help
but wonder………….
Will the waters of  the lake still be warm enough
to dip my feet in?

Will my friendly black bear still be around to come and visit me?
Will there be any sunsets like this one waiting to stand in awe and wonder just how magnifigant
heaven will possibly be?
Will there be any flowers still in bloom? Maybe  a
yard full of wild flowers will be waiting for me since
there was no one to keep the lawn mowed!
As you can see I’m probably spending way too
much time dreaming when I’d better be packing.
Only four more days, ladies. Four more days!!

Sorry I’m Late!

  I had really planned on writing yesterday, however, I could not get connected last night to the lodge’s wi-fi. I like to think everyone was sitting on pins and needles just waiting for my next post, but
truly ladies, I’m not quite that delusional-yet!
After saving my DH’s life from the grizzly and then
keeping him up past his regular bedtime (9:30PM),
we chanced upon these two beautiful beast within
ten miles of the lodge on our way back home.

You know how we give someone the ‘cold shoulder’
when they so rudely intrude upon our space? Well,
in moose life it’s called the ‘cold butt’, I guess.
I’m wondering what is going through his mind here. Is that the ‘evil eye’? Or is he just being
curious?  What do you think is on his mind?
Please put words in his mouth for me!


  My husband and I went ‘bear hunting’ on our day off  last Sunday.  We would find a road that lead to either the lake or rivers side and sit for a while to see if  any grizzlies  would pass by. We pulled into
a spot beside the Slims River. DH had to go to take
care of ‘business’ so I was sitting in the car with the
window down right next to a wooded area. Something caught my eye in the woods by the drivers side. It was a motion. It was a grizzly, not
ten feet away from the car, heading through the woods in the same direction my husband had walked. DH was about a block and a half down the
two track by now. I quickly honked the horn, jumped over into the drivers seat and started the car so I could put the windows up, then started down this narrow road to rescue my hubby!
I’m sure by now the bear was scared half witless and was well on his way up the mountain side.
Here I am honk, honk, honking the horn-waving my arms, screaming “get in the car , get in the car now”
and what is the first thing my hubby says to me once I get him in the car and explain why I’m
 acting like a lunatic, “Did you get its picture?”
Can you believe that?  Now, when would I have had
time to get it’s picture I ask you?
 For once I was truly speechless. Yes, completely caught off guard.
All I can say is that I’m sure glad that it was him on that
two track and not me because if he’d been in my shoes I got a feeling I might not be here to tell this
story! I can just see him fumbling with the camera,
thinking what a great photos he going to be getting
while the bear has made his way down to me, finished me off, and is looking at him with his
camera probably thinking,“yeh, and here comes
 my dessert now”.
Well, it was a ‘no bear picture’ day, for sure
 but I think the memories made that day will
make up for it for many, many years to come!
Don’t you?
Tomorrow I will show you what we did find to
‘shoot’. Photo shoot, that is. And it’s not scenery-
I promise!


I Need a Break!!

  Please don’t think that I’m not loving all this beautiful scenery that I’ve had the privilege of sharing with you-but I must have a break from it!!
My mind is in scenery OVERLOAD.
So I’m taking the time to treat myself and you to a little Pin interest browsing. I hope you don’t mind.
Here’s what I’ve found for our viewing:
As many of you know, I  live in a log home and I have the perfect corner for this reading  nook. Now
all I have to do is to get my hubby to agree!
Now I love these red leather chairs for the dining room too. I have the red leather, but I don’t have the chairs for the red leather. But they are sweet. The
green cabinets I like too, but I know I’m not brave
enough to do something that bold-yet.
I found some tart tins at the Salvation Army
in Whitehorse while I’ve been here.
 Maybe they will fit my canning jars
 like these cute ones do. 
I’m not sure why, but the person that built our cabin put white tile at the entry way.
I have a rug covering most of it but I really think
this cord wood tile would look so much better and
more appropriate to the home.
And this, my friends, is how I plan to travel to the
Yukon next time around! As you can see, there will
be room for everyone. All of our children, and the
g’children too! I’m not sure it wouldn’t tip over going around some of those mountain curves though. Or I might even lose half of it scrapping
against the mountains side. EEK!
And lastly, this is exactly what I plan to do once
I get back home to the lake! I’m going to sit on my
duff at the waters edge and just laze the days away.
Yep, eating s’mores, reading books, napping, listening to the water splashing against the rocks-
it is going to be heavenly.
And that, my friends, is a plan!
Happy Monday

Me and Josephine

Me and Josephine sunning ourselves along the shore of Lake Kluane yesterday. My hubby decided
I should be the one in front of the camera instead of behind it for once.
Josephine was built long before colored photos were available so I thought the black and white was more fitting.
Have a great weekend!

Mushroom Hunting in the Rain


Last week we meet Tim’s sister and mother in
Skagway to visit Elijah and Laura. They prepared
us a fabulous meal of the reddest Sockeye Salmon
I have ever seen, just caught the day before. Laura
baked homemade bagels, which we topped with her homemade guacamole. And a fresh salad that we
went and collected from a plot they have at the community garden. And, I almost forgot, fried  potato with wild mushrooms. 
No, I’m not making this up!
Now you know why I said it was ‘fabulous’.
This is the wild mushroom that was chopped and fried with our potatoes. After we had eaten Laura
wanted to go back to the forest in Dyea to find another one-and she did. I would be scared to death
to try anything other than store-bought mushroom or morels, since I grew up eat ting them.
But Laura has schooling in horticulture and dives
right into the local culture to discover what wild
edibles there are in the region.
I’m afraid my mind takes a trip down memory lane
to that old Eastwood movie, “The Beguiled”
If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking  about!
If you haven’t, rent it.
The drive between Skagway and Carcross is my
most favorite. You feel at times that you have entered into another world. You do truly have to
be there to get the full impact-pictures just don’t
do it justice, for sure.
This is a photo of ‘Bove Island’. It is on Tagish Lake.

This is a panoramic I did of Tagish Lake and the
mountains. I has been cloudy here a lot this summer, but it is still beautiful.
These flowers were growing out of the side of
the mountain rock at an elevation of 3292!
So amazing.
I hope you enjoyed seeing the Yukon through
my eyes this summer. It is a mystical land
to visit. But I’m so looking forward to getting
back to my very own ‘Githee Gumee’.

HI-HO Silver, Away!!

No, this isn’t a post about the ‘Lone Ranger’.
  This is just one of the delapidated cabins in what
was once known as ‘Silver City’. It is a deserted
ghost town along the shores of Kluane Lake. If you
drive all the way to the end of this road you will
end up at a rustic B&B that’s still operating.
 I do love this photo-I think it would make a great postcard. When I get home I plan to do a ‘Yukon’
wall with all the ‘treasures’ I’ve collected. This photo just might be part of it.
This is a view of the mountains from Silver City.
Not bad, eh?
My mother in-law can not pass a lake without
putting her feet in it! I think it’s become a tradition
for her. Anytime she’s near water the shoes and the
socks come off and in she goes.
She talked my SIL into testing the waters with her
this time. Cute picture girls!

Have you ever seen pink grass like this growing
anywhere? I would love to take the seed back home with me, but I’ve been informed that it would be growing in places I wouldn’t want it to grow once it got going. 
And this is white fireweed, which is very hard to
find. I’m not sure if it will seed before I leave, but
if it does I’m going to get a hand full to take home
for my wildflower garden. I have already collected
many seed from along the Alaskan Hwy. We had our first frost last week so it is just a matter of
time now until the leaves begin to turn and possibly this seed!
Tomorrow I’ll be sharing our final trip for the
season that we took to Skagway to visit Elijah
and Laura before we head home in a few weeks.
BTW-Thank you to the sweet ladies that dropped
by just to see if I was still part of the living! As
you can see, it has inspired me to get back on the stick with my posting again.
Until next time,

A Surprise Helicoptor Ride!!

Last week while Tim’s sister and his mother were here visiting at the lodge the helicoptor pilot who transfers and drops all the mining exploration crews
into the mountains offered to give us an ariel view of the lake and the lodge.
Doug has been here for nearly two months so DH and I got to know him a bit,
but we were still surprised at his offer. However, it didn’t take long for us to
say “yes”!
It had been raining, so the mountains aren’t as bright as one would expect
them to be. But it was so thrilling to be riding right next to these lush masses
of rock.
This is the aerial view of  how Kluane Lake appears in front of the lodge.
It’s so hard to describe just how vast and uninhabited this land is. One could
truly squat out here and never be discovered! Not that I’m considering that.
I’m just counting the days until I can get back to my beloved home, ladies.
This was just one of the high-lites of  the families visit so if you can hang
in there I’ll be back in a day or two with more photos from Silver City and
our trip to Skagway.