Mushroom Hunting in the Rain


Last week we meet Tim’s sister and mother in
Skagway to visit Elijah and Laura. They prepared
us a fabulous meal of the reddest Sockeye Salmon
I have ever seen, just caught the day before. Laura
baked homemade bagels, which we topped with her homemade guacamole. And a fresh salad that we
went and collected from a plot they have at the community garden. And, I almost forgot, fried  potato with wild mushrooms. 
No, I’m not making this up!
Now you know why I said it was ‘fabulous’.
This is the wild mushroom that was chopped and fried with our potatoes. After we had eaten Laura
wanted to go back to the forest in Dyea to find another one-and she did. I would be scared to death
to try anything other than store-bought mushroom or morels, since I grew up eat ting them.
But Laura has schooling in horticulture and dives
right into the local culture to discover what wild
edibles there are in the region.
I’m afraid my mind takes a trip down memory lane
to that old Eastwood movie, “The Beguiled”
If you’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking  about!
If you haven’t, rent it.
The drive between Skagway and Carcross is my
most favorite. You feel at times that you have entered into another world. You do truly have to
be there to get the full impact-pictures just don’t
do it justice, for sure.
This is a photo of ‘Bove Island’. It is on Tagish Lake.

This is a panoramic I did of Tagish Lake and the
mountains. I has been cloudy here a lot this summer, but it is still beautiful.
These flowers were growing out of the side of
the mountain rock at an elevation of 3292!
So amazing.
I hope you enjoyed seeing the Yukon through
my eyes this summer. It is a mystical land
to visit. But I’m so looking forward to getting
back to my very own ‘Githee Gumee’.


23 thoughts on “Mushroom Hunting in the Rain

  1. Hello Kimberly, oh my stars!!!!! so so breathtaking, those mountains and lakes, simply beautiful. Those flowers growing up the mountain so high up is amazing,wow. Thanks so much for sharing your trip, enjoyed very much. Blessings Francine.


  2. What lovely pictures and so are the mushrooms. You are so blessed. It does seem like a magical land through your camera lens. Things you have shared are things I maybe will never see in this life. It has been really interesting. So glad you shared.


  3. Yes, I have enjoyed seeing this area through your eyes… Your photos are fabulous… Hope I get to visit there someday…Thanks, Kimerly, for sharing… You will have lots of memories forever…Hugs,Betsy


  4. I'm with you when it comes to mushrooms…I don't always trust the ones I buy at the store!! That's just me!!How exciting though…to go out into the woods and gather your own mushrooms.Oh my…the country is absolutely gorgeous…I think I could stay there!Have a wonderful weekend.shug


  5. Oh, what scenery! Does anyone live on that island? That would be fun…an island all to yourself!The dinner sounded fabulous and what a talented daughter-in-law you have! Elijah is so cute too. You've had a great Summer except for all the hard work! Welcome Home!


  6. There is nothing like it…the pristine clear lakes, mountains, sky…it is all so beautifully untouched! Loved hearing about your lovely son and daughter in law…glad she is adventurous!I know you miss home but what a wonderful adventure!


  7. Look for a place where there's plenty of moisture on the ground and in the air, Kim. My advice to you is to go out one to three days after it rains, because if you go out too soon, mushrooms may have not developed properly, you know. 🙂Mack Shepperson


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