Me and Josephine

Me and Josephine sunning ourselves along the shore of Lake Kluane yesterday. My hubby decided
I should be the one in front of the camera instead of behind it for once.
Josephine was built long before colored photos were available so I thought the black and white was more fitting.
Have a great weekend!


26 thoughts on “Me and Josephine

  1. Love the black & white. Josephine was my mother's middle name. I'm thinking if I get a vintage trailer that will be her name. I may steal your picture to do something crafty for the trailer. Have a great weekend!!!


  2. Kimberly, thanks for visiting me at Thinking About Home. I popped over to see what you had chosen for Vee's note card party (I recalled your lovely seasonal photos of and around Lake Superior a few months back), and, of course, discovered that you did not have note cards up this time. What I also discovered was your fascinating blog! I had to read back quite a few posts to find out what takes you in Yukon Territory! But read I did…and enjoyed the journey (even though I was going in reverse!). I must say that I am WOWed by your adventurous spirit! I can't imagine myself picking up and moving so far, to a new place and a new set of responsibilities, and far away from my children and grandchildren. (Of course, I am the most unadventurous person I know. Really.) Yes, I am quite impressed. I will be back to visit you there in the Yukon Territory. That way I can vicariously enjoy your vicariously. 😀


  3. It sounds like you are like me, always behind the camera. My husband has his own camera now and he very often takes pictures of me while I'm taking photos. That is how I got my latest profile photo.Lovely photo in black and white of you and the old boat.


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