Did I Show You This?

I don’t think I showed you these old time souvenir
pillow covers I bought before we left the Yukon.
On our last trip to Beaver Creek, I insisted we stop
at this little ‘hole in the wall’ shop I’d seen on the
curve near the  Koidern River. It was so fun. The place was built in 1969 and I feel certain no improvements had been made since then! The older couple running it were real, authentic Yukoners, for sure.
I have the t-shirts all separated for the g’children and ready to pack for when I make my trip to visit
all of them.

You may have noticed there are only six shirts and we have eight g’kids. That’s because I bought three of the boys the same eagle shirt. It has nine ‘hidden’ eagles in the print. I think they’ll get a real kick out of hunting for them.

I would like to say that I’m completely unpacked, but as you can see I’m still working on it! This bag is full of summer clothes I thought I would put in storage, but it was so hot earlier this week I had to dig into it to get a cooler top. Believe me, I’m not complaining about that.
But that was Mon-Wed. And after two days of pouring rain, this is what’s been happening here
at the cabin. My, how quickly things can change! I’m not disheartened though, because I know that we still have our Indian summer to look forward to yet.
I don’t know about you, but these last few days have been a real challenge for me, with all of the events that have transpired in the Middle East. I’ve had to
remember to leave my worries at the ‘foot of the cross’. I’m sharing with you
two verses that come to my mind when I begin to feel burdened with lifes many cares. Please read them if you’re so inclined.
Psalm 55:22  Cast your cares on the Lord
and he will sustain you;
he will never let the righteous fall.
1 Peter 5:7  Cast all your anxiety on Him
because He cares for you.
I won’t write out all of Ephesians 6:10-18, but it is our protection and our strength.
May you have a good and blessed weekend my friends-Kimberly



14 thoughts on “Did I Show You This?

  1. Hello, oh I love those old souvenir pillows to, have one from place we used to camp as kids, now it`s at camp. Great t-shirts for the gkids, neat eagle one. I love the quilt on the bed, my colors, red and blue, beautiful. Yes, very sad whats happening, pray it stops soon. Blessings Francine.


  2. Love the old souvenir pillow. I'm sure the grand kids will enjoy the t shirts. I pray for the safety of all of all our servicemen and women no matter where they serve. But the news has sure been sad lately.


  3. The grands will be happy to see you coming! Great t-shirts. I think you struck gold with the vintage Yukon pillowcovers. Thank you for those affirming scriptures.


  4. Kimberly- I love old kitschy souvenir pieces. I have some from our home area, too. How nice to get sweatshirts for all the kids. Love the idea of the hidden eagles. I agree-this MidEast stuff is very scary. Blessings to you. xo Diana


  5. Those old souvenir pillow covers are fun. I'm sure your grandkids will love their t shirts. The news in the Middle East is very scary isn't it? Those two scripture verses are excellent reminders that God is in control. We have to trust in Him. Blessings, Pam


  6. I bet you are really glad to be settling back in. the kids will love their shirts! I love the Mounty cushion cover.I share your worry about the state of things in that part of the world. My nephew is over in Afghanistan, and I just want him home, alive and in one piece, as soon as possible!!! Today isn't soon enough.


  7. Love all of the goodies your brought back..It is so good go know you are home safe and sound. I have always looked forward to your stories and photos.The news these last few days have indeed been grim. It will not be better anytime soon, I'm afraid and we will need to lean on the Lord and His word for sure. Those are excellent scriptures that you offered, thank you for thinking of all of us and sharing.Have a wonderful weekend feathering your nest again. xo


  8. Love the pillows, and I know the grands will love their shirts too. Yes, the news is just so grim. The verses you are leaning are great ones. Our trust has to be in Him. Enjoy your week-end!


  9. I bet your grandkids will love the t-shirts. Those souvenir pillow covers are pretty cool. I'm sure you'll get things unpacked and be settled in in no time. Have a nice weekend!


  10. The pillows are wonderful! Great find!Thanks for the Scripture verses – I was so disheartened by the murders in Libya and the ongoing protests.What ever possessed that man to make such an inflammatory film. And what possesses the people who are protesting, that they would resort to such violence. Evil is a strong force, but our God is stronger.


  11. Oh, the shirts are perfect for those grandchildren. I hope you bought some for yourselves.I too, am going leave my worries at the “foot of the cross” and continue to pray.Thank you for your thoughts.


  12. I am so glad you brought home some treasures from the Yukon. They look like stuff I remember seeing when I was a kid. You are going on a 3 day Military diet? I would be feeling a bit mad too. I hate dieting so much now. Well glad to see you are getting caught up there at home.


  13. What a find! I LOVE those old souvenir pillows especially from the Yukon with mounties on them! You scored big time! The kids will love those shirts too. It's Fall…even here! I am enjoying every bit of it.I love your red gingham shams on your bed…did you make those? They're darling!I know what you mean about “troubles”….they're everywhere. When I've done all I can do I just pray for the rest and lately for peace, love and tolerance both here and abroad.


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