Kids, Kids, Kids…

After taking off Friday the first stop on my trip was to my daughters home to visit for a couple of days.
We went hiking, shopping, and to Mickey D’s for lunch. It was a short visit, but their Papa and I will
go back in October to visit the Pumpkin Patch. Yeah!
Next it was on to my sis’s where I got to spend time
with my great niece and nephews. These adorable
twins were preemies and will be having heart surgery in January. It’s hard to imagine, they look
so healthy. But if you hold them  against you, you
 can  feel their hard and irregular heart beats.
This is sweet Kaleena. She is such a beauty!
And this is Adain, the twins older brother. He loves
his snacks. Notice me and my sis in the mirror?
She’s such a shorty!
Stayed tuned until tomorrow when I will be sharing
a few treasures
 I found shopping the antique and re-sale shops!
See you then!


12 thoughts on “Kids, Kids, Kids…

  1. Getting to see the family must feel good. I miss seing my sisters and brothers…but it's my daughters I never see enough of, and I just saw them this weekend.:)Enjoy your time with family. Smiles to all, Susie


  2. Nothing so rewarding as seeing and spending time with the grandkids !!!(and neices and nephews) Sorry to hear about those little ones having to have heart surgery. will be excited to see what “treasures” you found while antique'ing


  3. Sounds like a fun and enjoyable trip you had. All of the kids are so very cute. Hope you will keep us posted on the twins as the time nears for their surgery. Blessings….and I'm excited to read your post tomorrow!Shug


  4. There is nothing more enjoyable then spending time with family, especially the grandchildren.How many do you have? The twins are so cute. No, you can't tell that they have heart troubles. Will you remind us about their surgery when it comes up?


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