Photo Slacker

DH and I went for a colors drive yesterday and would you believe this is the only photo I shot?
I was just enjoying the drive so much I didn’t want to have Tim stop the car for me to jump out and
snap pictures. Very lazy, I know!
This photo was taken at 6:30 AM Sunday morning.
It’s not great, but I couldn’t resist a picture of the
moon shining on the lake.
I don’t usually promote peoples products or retail
stores, but I bought these cute Mary Engelbreit bags at Target in Kalamazoo for only $1. each.
I also bought this fall journal and four cute cards
with stickers for $1. each. Now to me, that’s a bargain. You do have to understand, ladies, I just spent the last five months at a remote resort and
I live in our cabin in the woods the remainder of the time.  So I probably do get a little more
excited about this kind of stuff than most people would!
I’m completely unpacked, but I’ve got a whole lot of canned goods to hide under the beds tomorrow.  Do any of you do this? Those of us who live in small
 homes have to find the space somewhere. 
Happy October  Friends,



18 thoughts on “Photo Slacker

  1. I'm envious of your autumn picture! We don't see that kind of color much in the South. Last year the fall color wasn't good. Due to the heat wave over the summer, my guess is this will affect the colors this fall too. So far, the colors haven't changed much, but that usually happens more in mid October or so for us. I've been telling everyone just in case you didn't see the news, but I am Shannon formerly of Cozy Home Scenes. I had to start a new blog so you'll be seeing me leave comments under this new name from now on. Have a great day!


  2. That foliage must be at peak-peak! Sometimes, not pointing any fingers here, I can get to the point where I'm feeling ho-hum about the beauty of it all. Not a good place and that's when I stop taking photos. No, I have never stored canned goods beneath the beds, though there are many other things stored there.


  3. I was so sad when thy discontinued Mary Englebriets magazine, I collected the paper dolls for my grand children!!!I really enjoy her work, I understand about storing stuff under the bed, sometime I will show you under ours!!!I live in a mouse hole!!!!!I think you found lovely treasures!!


  4. What gorgeous pictures…none of that Fall look here. I also like the bags and the other goodies. I wonder if our Target has them? Nope, no can goods under the beds…but! we do have plastic boxes filled with various things, haha. Your right…too much space under there to waste! Have a good day!


  5. Beautiful colors…we aren't quite there yet, around here.I didn't know that Mary E. was still creating new things..shows how much 'I' get around..Geesh!We have the same problem with storage here at the Little House, sometimes we get very inventive! xo


  6. Kimberly, Thought of you this morning , the Today show, showed a bear getting on a lady's deck and she yelled for him to “get”. I loved you auntumn photo. I took a picture of the moon about the same time Sunday morning. Smiles, Susie


  7. That one picture is gorgeous!! Fall colors are staring here. I've been gone for 4 days camping in the mountains and got to see wonderful color. Yes, I did get a couple of pic but was having too much fun to get the camera out most of the time.I have risers on my bed so it make it higher and you get even more storage room. But no canned goods under there. Just a lot of “stuff”.Have a great day looking out on your lake! hugs!!


  8. Love the fall picture and the moon shining on the lake pic.I don't store cans under the beds because we have shelves in the kitchen. However, my hubby installed a shelve along the top of the walls (near the roof)in the garage to store our paper products, plastic ware, soaps, ect….(stuff that won't spoil with temperature changes).Have a great week!


  9. The pictures you got were nice. I like the shot of the moon on the water. I imagine if I lived in a cabin I would use whatever space I had available. So glad you are home. I think you found some neat treasures. No I think the way I feel right now, if we traded places I would not go out into the world until next spring. I feel like I have been running and running and someone keeps moving the finish line. So to stay in a cabin on a lake sounds ideal. So glad you are home.


  10. Ohhh that colourful fall scene is so gorgeous! Your trees are farther along than our but I have noticed a lot of change here in the past few days of rain. Those totes and journals are really cute. I do the same thing when I get to Bangor to shop. LOL So many unique things we don't have here. Yes, I hide thing under the beds like, seasonal decor in flat totes.


  11. Hi Kimberly, LOVE that first picture of the Fall colors. We saw alot of beautiful colors on our recent trip… But–there's not much color here in TN yet… I love Fall–and am ready to see some of that beauty you have down here.Hugs,Betsy


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