Welcome Inside My Store

Well, I can just hear you saying that you didn’t know that Kimberly had a store. Well, I don’t, of course. But I thought that might be a way to get your attention, my friends!

  However, I do have several items
that I’ve discovered in my cabinets, closets, and
any other nock and crannie I could hide stuff.
And. I am now finally going to get rid of them.
Are you, by chance, a fan of this ol’ crooner? This
is a pint sized ice cream container I bought eons
ago in  an Oklahoma antique store.
Or how about Shirley Temple? She was just so
adorable-I still love her movies. This is a pocket
mirror from the height of her career-1937.
I  have several unique milk jugs like this one
from Des Moines Iowa.
This one is from a Kalamazoo Michigan dairy.
Do you know anyone who’s name is Colvert? This
would be the perfect gift for their farm kitchen.
Don’t you think?
How about a Dutchman milk jug? This looks lop-
sided-I guess I had my head cocked side ways
while taking this shot!
I have a little something for everyone. Are you a
 shabby chic fan? Marie Antoinette might look nice
on your bedroom dresser.
I have seen these bank bags used as plant holders,
pillows, and even repurposed for other craft uses.
I have this U.S. one and a Canadian one.
I have several other items-some kitchen retro and
some that might be classified as primitive. If you are interested in any of these items or know a friend
who might be, just send an e-mail to me and I’ll send more photos and let you know the pricing.
Right now it’s time for supper! I’ll be back soon with more to show you.
Happy Fall-Kimberly



12 thoughts on “Welcome Inside My Store

  1. Kimberly, You tricked us. I loved all those goodies…but just as you are taking things out to clear and clean..I am also. I wonder why we collect for so many years..then it hits us, what are we going to do with all this stuff? I have enjoyed many items I have had through the years, but it's time to give things away or sell them. I wish you great luck with your store:):) xo, Susie


  2. Great stuff. I love the milk bottles. My Grandfather used to run a dairy. But someone else should buy them – I'm on the verge of being a hoarder 😉


  3. Is it our age that has us wishing to purge the extras? You have some sweet things… How much would you have to sell the milk bottle from Des Moines Iowa for? I'd give it to a certain bil.


  4. You have lots of fun things there, Kimberly. I hope you have good luck in finding a new home for them. I need to clean some things out of my house rather than add more to it. Hope you have a great weekend!


  5. I, too, am in the process of weeding out things that I don't really love or use and I hear many others are doing the same. Too bad we can't all get together and have a huge sale! You have some neat things that should sell quickly. Good luck!


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