Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian Friends!
I hate to admit this, but Canadian Thanksgiving always catches me by surprise, even after having lived here for the past eleven years!
However, once reminded it’s upon me, I’m all over it. As you can see the table is now set and it’s just a few hours until we sit down together to partake of that plump, juicey, golden turkey. Of course it must be accompanied with our traditional oyster dressing. Because my mother always used this recipe, this is how we’ve always prepared it
 and we still love it this way.
Because it is only my MIL, my husband and myself this year, we aren’t going wild with the extras.
Tim will prepare the turkey, the squash, and the potatos. I mix the dressing, prepare the cranberry
sauce, and the pumpkin pie. My MIL is bringing
Annabelle salad and lemon bars. Quite a feast for
just the three of us, don’t you think?
I have so very much to be thankful for. And believe
me I’m not at all bashful about sharing it with my
Lord. He is the ever welcome guest at my table.
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27 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Yes, it's Happy Thanksgiving To All of Canada :-)Love the pictures you posted with the table settings, and food.What is Annabelle salad ? I've never hear of it.What's the temperature like up there now? Were suppose to drop to mid 30's in the early morning hours.


  2. What a wonderful table setting. I love your dishes!! I was wondering what your menu would be like if there were more coming for dinner. Goodness, you do have plenty to be thankful for. Blessing to you and all our Canadian friends.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!!! Love your pictures, so pretty your table. I also collect the old Friendly Village dishes, you have a wonderful set there. Enjoy the day my friend, yes….much to be thankful for, Blessings Francine.


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