A Thump in the Night!

  On Wednesday night my husband came hurrying down from the loft. He had heard what sounded like a tree falling outside. It was dark by this time, and
after checking both houses he found nothing.

However, he wasn’t wrong. This morning, looking
out the spare bedroom window I saw this….
Of course this was almost as exciting to my husband as waking up to a huge snow fall.
Plow truck, chain saw-they both fall into the
he-man category! I don’t think he finds anything
more fun. Well, within 30 minutes Tim had the
wood cut and hauled into the wood shed.
Speaking of the wood shed, this photo was to show
you the snow we were receiving. But it ended up
looking like rain. Oh well, you win a few. You lose
 a few.
Here is another fall pattern, as promised. I’m still
debating which one I’m going to embroider yet.




19 thoughts on “A Thump in the Night!

  1. That is another great pattern. It's so hard to find Pilgrims…hmmm. I smiled at the delight of your husband having a project he loves. I heard just such a crash the other night and never could find what had happened. That snow could quit!


  2. Are you excited about the snow?It's so pretty in the UP, I miss it. Not the snow though, lol….Your hubby looks like he is having the time of his life (in heaven) cutting up that tree.Can't wait to see your what you embroider. Have a beautiful day.


  3. I'm glad the tree didn't land on your house or other buildings. And hubby even enjoyed doing the cleanup work in the cold rain! I like this transfer too. Really quaint looking with the husband bringing home the deer (no turkey!). It'll soon be hunting season here but not for my husband. Does your husband hunt?


  4. Kimberly, I loved how fast your husband cut up that tree. My husband is the same way. We have a fire going this morning in the fireplace. I hate turning the furnace on. Stay safe and warm. Smiles, Susie


  5. I like this pattern also, big decision, hey make both!!! Great pics of trees, hubby and snow. You can keep the snow, I'm still in summer mode. Boy an I struggling to get into Fall. I think Mother nature has been tricking me with out nice weather. Have a great day and stay warm!!!


  6. Smiling at your he-man remarks! I still remember the time that my husband and son pulled down an already-falling-down outbuilding on our property using a tractor and a huge chain. You'd have thought that there was a party going on out there with all the whooping and hollering! =DThese embroidery patterns are lovely. Thank you for sharing.


  7. Good day Kimberly, What is it with our men and firewood. I walked outside yesterday late in the evening and there was Mr. P. splitting more firewood. We heat with it in the winter, however our winters here in the south are mind compared to yours I am sure. Already we have enough seasoned wood for blizzareds. Wish you could send some snow my way. Love the beautiful colors of the trees at your home. And a neat pattern. Have a great weekendAngela


  8. I 'm glad the tree didn't fall on anything important (like your house)!More firewood is always a good thing. We have termination dust on the mountains, but no snow at sea level yet!


  9. Snow already!? I think it might be a severe winter this year. It will make our move difficult but I've given up worrying and will take it a day at a time. I love the pretty embroidery pattern. I used to do a lot of embroidery when I was younger and I should really get back to doing it again as it is so relaxing.


  10. I'm sure you will get snow soon –and then get tired of it after a few months!!!! haLove your embroider pattern… Let us know which you choose…You have some pretty colors up there. We don't have many here yet.Have a great weekend/week.Hugs,Betsy


  11. I'm glad to see that the tree fell away from your house! My hubby is like yours, he'd rather be outside doing manly things! 🙂 He wishes we had a wood stove so he could have an excuse to cut wood. We used to have one at our previous home and he misses it. I love your embroidery patterns. The one in the last post is my favorite so far. Hope you have a nice weekend!


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