Leaves for Leontien

I am joining the many friends of Leontien at A Rural Journal with  Leaves for Leontien. I know many of
you are supporting Leontien with your prayers
as I am. But for those of you who do not know her,
please visit her latest post for an update.
Leontien is bravely fighting a raging battle against
melanoma cancer and I want to let her know that
there are many of us who care.
Many thanks to Nancy for allowing us to use her blog as a means of gathering together to let her
 know we haven’t forgotten her.
Here are the last two fall embroidery patterns, as promised.

Please let me know if you are going to use any of the patterns. I’d love to see your finished product!
Our daughter and her family will be visiting this
weekend. I am hoping the weather man will please
be kind and give us a couple of days without rain!
We had only one last week! I shouldn’t complain,
I bet many of you are experiencing the same weather. Am I right?


15 thoughts on “Leaves for Leontien

  1. Yup. Same.Yes, I do plan to use one…probably the Pilgrims; however, what year I use it is anyone's guess!What you ladies are doing for your friend is so beautiful.


  2. I have seen a lot of bloggers sharing their leaves for Leontiene. We're to have a lot of rain tonight and tomorrow but thankfully we had 3 nice sunny days in a row. And, the temperature are going to be in the mid-teens so it won't feel so cold. Have a lovely weekend. Blessings, Pamela


  3. Your leaves photo is very pretty, Kimberly. I hope you enjoy your visit with your daughter and family. We've been having rain too, but it hasn't been too bad. Hope you have a nice weekend!


  4. So nice to catch up a bit with you. These Aunt Martha's are adorable! I just got a bunch from my mom – not sure they are Martha's – but I really need to go through them. Glad everyone was safe with all those dropping trees! Love that watercolor effect! Looks amazingly beautiful. Fun to play with!


  5. We have had nothing but rain here, I think we may need to trade in the cars for a boat. Friday night football in the rain is miserable. Are you going to do a post will all the patterns in one place? Would love to see them all again.


  6. such a beautiful post in words and photos, I have just joined as a new follower because I lost all my friends on my blog list and followers when my blog crashed, I have started a new one, I hope you find me,


  7. What a sweet way to think of your friend, and to pass along well wishes for her.Love the patterns! So thoughtful of you to share.Enjoy your time with family :){{hugs}}K.


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