Christmas Past

  Only two days until Thanksgiving and then after that-let the Christmas decorating begin!

I decided to review my deco from Christmas’s past.
Namely last year, since it was my first blogging Christmas to share with everyone.

My blogger friend, Dawn, is having a ‘Christmas Decorating on a Budget’ party. Now this project was just that. I found two empty jars in my pantry, filled them with pillow batting, then added a couple of Dollar Store trees and plastic figures I already had. Total cost was $2.26 for the trees.
Last year I added them to my holiday hot chocolate tray, but who knows where they’ll go this year. I like to mix it up just a little each year, using some of the same things, just in a different way.

I’m off now to party now!




25 thoughts on “Christmas Past

  1. I agree, those are cute and clever!Thank you and your lovely readers, for all of the prayers, I indeed felt them and they were answered. My first chemo was today and went seamlessly for all 6 hrs..Our Dear Lord is so good, He never fails us!A heartfelt thank you again to you and your readers.Much love to you all,Sherri


  2. Thanks for coming to the party, your jars area adorable. Why is it everything looks so good under glass. Do you know the color of your door? I have considered changing ours to red, and red is a hard color to get right.


  3. Your jars are so cute, Kimberly. It will be fun to see what everyone comes up with. For some reason, I am no longer able to open Dawn's blog. I don't know what happened-and she is not on my sidebar anymore either- weird! xo Diana


  4. I love Christmas with snow, a fireplace going, Christmas music in the background and a hot cup of cocoa. Decorating the tree, the front porch and hanging the stockings. Great looking decorations,are you ready for Thanksgiving? and Christmas?


  5. Your hot chocolate tray is great, the jars are so clever. I love simple, cute things put together that don't cost a small fortune!! I'm ready for Christmas decor and I've already seen several houses with their outside Christmas lights on.


  6. Love those little jars and your hot chocolate tray! The outdoor display is so cute too! I hang ice skates on a sled but I think I like your display a lot better! And the red door!


  7. Being a country gal too. Us folks out this way would love those jars as gifts.A great idea. I may consider that fortwo of my friends.We are at an age. That expensive gifts are the pass . When you get 70.You do not go to may places like one did in the city. To be dolled up.In the country we dressneat and pretty but casual.


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