Another Simple Christmas Vignette

If you were a follower of mine last year you may remember this simple window vignette I threw together with my antiques medicine bottles.
This year I used the same three bottles, but I added
 a little sparkle this time by gluing a vintage Christmas print to a manila tag back and adding glitter.
If you like the tags here that I use you can find them at Karen’s post today. She was kind enough to share these and several others. Her blog is The Vintage Bag Lady.
Look at this adorable little puppy dog that showed up for the Thanksgiving holiday at our home. Reece is nearly two and a half years old and he was so..much fun.

Reece looks just like our son did at his age and has the same sweet temperament. Clayton and Lauren are expecting again in February. So who knows, maybe a Valentine’s day baby. This will make nine g’children for us! I don’t think Tim and I ever would have imagined we’d have so many!
Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, I’m feeling a little panicky about Christmas. We’ve got to make a decision about who to spend it with this year since none of the children will be making it to our home. I’m thinking maybe I should just put all of their names in a bowl and draw one!  
Now for all the parties I’m visiting:

Linda@Coastal Charm

Cedar Hill Ranch




28 thoughts on “Another Simple Christmas Vignette

  1. the bottles are beautiful! I love the tags, I will go visit, your little grandson looks so cute in the dog house doorway! Congratulations on the grand baby coming, exciting news!!!


  2. Good morning! I love the bottles! Such a good idea. Your grandson is adorable! We have a Valentine's b/day girl. Donatella Valentina was born on Valentine's day…soo fun. Hope you have a good day!


  3. I love your puppy…red hair how adorable! Lucky you…nine, and more coming! Thanks for the kudos, on my vintage card post. If you are looking for more items like the tags you made, there is another vintage graphics post on the right side of my blog under Favorite Posts.


  4. What a pretty vignette, I love working with old bottles. Your Grandson is charming standing outside at the dog house. You're going to be a Grandmother again, congratulations Granny :-)Have a beautiful week.


  5. Oh you are blessed in the grandchildren department. Nine! What joy! Sweet little tags…I'm off to find them. Oh, perhaps you'd be especially interested in the ones that Melissa is offering today at The Inspired Room…all woodland creatures.


  6. Your grandson is adorable! Congratulations on the future 9th grandchild–you are very blessed! I am also expecting a granddaughter around Valentine's Day! She is the reason we are moving west…I will be watching her when my daughter returns to work. We will be thrilled to be closeer to our children and grands…I know how hard ot is to have them live far away. I'm sure your choice of who to visit isn't easy as you'd love to be with all your children and grandchildren, Kimberly. I guess rotating the visits from year to year is the best idea.Your antique bottles are pretty and look very festive with the glittery pictures inside.


  7. 9 grands…Holy cow, that is a lot of Christmas shopping!!! I love old bottles, so cute with the Christmas tags. you commented on the cigar bar at my sons rehearsal dinner…I tell you it was like bees to honey, they loved it!!Carol


  8. What sweet little tags! I love them on your vintage bottles. Reece is a cute little guy. Congratulations on the new grandchild on the way. I'll never see 8 or 9! It would be so difficult to choose which ones to spend Christmas with. Hugs, Pam


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