Guinea Pigs

  Guinea Pig: a subject of research or testing
country sampler 2007
Would you mind very much if I use you as a guinea pig? I set up a Pinterest page last night and I’m now collecting photos to display on my boards.  I have re-pinned many of them from others sites.
But I’ve been unable to re pin from my own photo stash. So I’ll try to grab them from here!
canadian home&country
As you can see, these photos are for my ‘Beautiful
Bathrooms’ board.
The scanning turned out sort of fuzzy, but I think
one can still appreciate the decorating and design
ideas, fuzzy or not.
This one is my favorite. I love the use of the old kitchen sink in the bathroom. And an old wardrobe just like the one I sold to a neighbor for $25 bucks around fifteen years ago. Ouch! It still hurts…
countryliving 2010
Such a pretty color was used here. I like the funky old hangers for wall art too.
country sampler 2005
Okay, I’ll bore you no more! Wish me luck on uploading these. My friend, Dawn, at Creative Cain Cabin is working on attaching a Pinterest button for me to this blog. Thank goodness she’s being such a good sport about helping me with it. I feel really clueless at times with this tech stuff. Oh well……
It’s hard to imagine the weekend is here already.
I hope you enjoy yours!






12 thoughts on “Guinea Pigs

  1. I love the bathroom with the large kitchen sink in it.Our bathroom is like a telephone booth. Not much we can do with this old rental house.The start of the weekend is moving slow, were waiting to here back from my Dad's doctor about possible cancer. I'm praying it's not cancer.


  2. I am on Pinterest too but seldom go on as I just don't have time. I tried several times to add the Pinterest button to my blog but couldn't so I gave up. These bathrooms are beautiful. Lots of inspiration on Pinterest! Have a great weekend.


  3. I love pinterest…too much at times! I have found so much inspiration there…sewing, recipes, garden…you name it. Right now I have been pinning homemade gift ideas. And I have the pinterest app too, which I have used when I'm out shopping and I know that I pinned a recipe or craft idea and want to look it up! Oh yes, pinterest and I have spent time together…~cathy


  4. Hi Kimberly, I like all of the images here, but I LOVE the last one. I wanted to buy a house that had one of those sinks, but we bought our present one instead, but I adore the sink!!! Did you ever figure out the Pinterest thing?Hugs, Cindy


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