So…ap Happy!

I just had to show you this fabulous cake my husband gifted me with for our anniversary.
It really look like a plum pudding mold was used or maybe even a jello mold to make this creation.
As you can see, I have cut a special slice just for you!
But please don’t eat it because it’s soap!!
Now isn’t that sweet and imaginative?
Tim actually ordered this amazing soap collection from a lady in Yellowknife, NWT.
I wanted to show you what a unique job she did with all of the soaps.
The soaps were not only beautifully displayed,
the maker also took such great care in naming her soaps, listing the yummy ingredients, and writing a little rhyme with each and every bar.
Tim said she wanted to know a little about me before she decided on the ingredients for my soap cake and the accompanying special made card.
Anyway, it was such a sweet surprise from a dear and considerate husband. Many thanks honey!







25 thoughts on “So…ap Happy!

  1. Again, Happy Anniversary :-)I love the fact that your husband put alot of thought behind the gift he picked out for you. The soaps are beautiful! I bet they smell awesome too…..Enjoy:-)


  2. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! You kind of put all of your celebrations in one small bit of time, didn't you! Christmas, birthday and anniversary! I hope you had or have a wonderful time.Love and hugs, Cindy!


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