Valentine Day Ideas


Do you realize that Valentines Day is exactly a month from today? I don’t know about you, but that is my cue to begin my V’Day decorating.

I have created a new Pinterest board full of Valentine Day ideas.

My boards are a mix of V’Day recipes, cards, and decorating ideas.

Oh my, does this Red Velvet cupcake ever look yummy?  This reminds me that my Mother always made Red Velvet cake with butter icing on Valentines Day. I also did this when I had the children at home, but I’ve gotten away from it with just Tim & me to eat it!

If I were making a V’Day wish list, this is all I’d ask for! Forget the candy, forget the card, or anything else you had in mind sweetheat. These shoes would
definitely make my heart go pitter-patter!
What do you think? Aren’t they gorgeous?
Now I will shamelessly refer you to the top left-hand corner where my Pinterest button is if you would like to see what others goodies I’ve collected  to make for a good Valentines Day. 

22 thoughts on “Valentine Day Ideas

  1. Ok, so I am loving those shoes! I went to your pinterest and started following All. Then I went to find those shoes on your boards. I told myself that I was going to splurge on myself and get them. LOL! That was until I saw the price, no way I can justify $269 right now, if ever for shoes! But they sure are sweet, maybe some day! Thank you for sharing.Tiff


  2. I so love those shoes. I would wear them every where they are darling. I don't do much for Valentines day but do have a few posts loaded. I don't like to store things, so I worked with what I had to come up with a few ideas:)


  3. The cupcakes look yummy and I love the banner out of playing cards. Sweet idea. I'm glad I found you. I'm a new follower and hope you'll follow me and find something you like. I love your inspirational writings. I do alot of that too! Hope you'll stop by and visit. Lake Superior. Snow must be nice. I live in Georgia and it's 83 degrees.


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