Stressed Spelled Backwards=Desserts


I received an unexpected phone call that had me falling back into my old, bad habits. As much as I hate it and hate to admit it, when I get stressed I eat. And I especially eat dessert or that’s ooey and gooey!

Oh, I know none of you would do what I did, and run to your frigs to see what you could possibly throw together to satisfy this raging hormone induced craving. You see I don’t keep cookies or candies or anything sweet that easy to just grab in my times of weakness and eat. Because if I have to go to the effort of baking something from scratch, I can usually fight the temptation quite easily!

However this call rated a high nine on my stress level, so the Pillbury crescent rolls came out, were soon slathered with butter, sprinkled with a liberal dose of sugar and cinnamon, and immediately popped in the oven to bake!

And ladies let me tell you, it was all good…
I’m feeling calmer already.
And that unexpected call to arrange a job interview for tomorrow has just been reduced to a seven on my stress level chart. At least for the time being, that is!
This is really no joke. Please pray for me-Not that I get the job. I’m leaving that decision in Gods hands. But that I don’t make a total fool of myself.
Thanks friends-Kimberly

21 thoughts on “Stressed Spelled Backwards=Desserts

  1. Kimberly,Sending you prayers………I am a stress eater myself, I know how you feel. Don't beat yourself up over making some sweet rolls and having a couple with tea/coffee. Now you've had the hormonal sweet fix, now it's time to turn it around. Also, good luck with the job interview, I know you'll do just fine!!!!


  2. That's exciting Kimberly. I believe you will do just fine too. God will go before you. I didn't know one could make cinnamon buns with crescents. Yummy. Praying for peace and calm for your interview. Hugs, Pam


  3. Prayers for you here, Kimberly. Wishing you the best of luck. I'm sure you'll do fine. I eat when I am stressed too, although I am trying hard to break that habit. Those cinnamon rolls look good!


  4. You will NOT make a fool out of yourself. You just go in there and do yourself proud! I hope the job is something you want AND that you get it. You CAN DO THIS!!!! Now…go take a sedative, will ya?;>) xo Diana


  5. As you requested, I am praying that you don't make a fool of yourself! I am also praying that you get the job! I just applied for a job myself – let's pray for each other!


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