Happy Valentines Day


I hope you’re having a special day today with someone you love! I am!
I’m remembering the days over 40 years ago when my husband and I were dating. For fun I made a love letter out of those heart shaped candies.
We did keep the original letter for years, but it got placed in a box in an old shed where some lucky mice enjoyed a sweet Valentine treat one day, along with two of my favorite dollies eyelashes! But I digress, that is a story for another day…..
So last year I made a new version for my husband.
Notice how the lingo has changed? Believe me, I wouldn’t have been calling a boy I was dating ‘sweet lips’ or ‘honey pie’! But it was a lot of fun to put together and Tim really got a kick out of it the second time around too.
Here’s a preview of my latest project. Anyone want to guess what it is that I working on now? I sincerely hope to be able to show you the finished product by Monday!
I know some of you are cozying in with your books or your movies.  I have a tradition that as soon as the snow starts to pile I read Laura Ingalls, ‘The Long Winter’. It just seems so appropriate when I’m shut-in (by choice, of course) and it always gives me such an appreciation for all the many blessings I have today!
I thought this was going to be a short post and here I’ve been such a windbag. Sorry…..
Please enjoy your Day-Kimberly



24 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. I'm thinking patch work quilt out of vintage sheets. Maybe you are thinking of a summer throw for a picnic in the sunshine. Can you tell I want Spring!!!Love you sweet Valentine letter. I agree the sayings sure have changed.Enjoy your Valentine's Day!!!


  2. What a cute idea! I should pin this for next year as I'm pretty sure that John would enjoy being called “sweet lips.” Ha! A very happy day to you both.(No, I can't figure out what you're quilting, but it makes me think that I'd like to do something similar as a shower curtain.)


  3. I think that is amazing. You are so creative. I had to laugh, because this time of year I try to read the Long Winter too. I love all of the books but that one just intrigues me so much. I think about when I am cooking dinner and how Ma, had to use that coffee grinder to grind flour. It just seems so extreme.


  4. Super cute little love note to your husband. Yes, the messages sure have changed. Not sure I'd want any elementary school kid of mine to get the ones that say “Hot stuff” and “Sexy” in their valentine box.


  5. Adorable idea with the letter to the hubstir! I think it is really sweet you made another….and people think it's hard to keep the love alive…NOT!Have a great day friend,Hugs!


  6. Very sweet post, Kimberly. It's fun to have little traditions that we share with our honey, it makes life so very pleasant. And yours sounds very nice. I'm wondering if you're going to make a quilt with all of the square pieces of fabric… My Valentine was on the road, in Thunder Bay and coming back on the 14th, so I was alone, I watch a couple of Hallmark love story movies on the Internet, then my honey called me and wished me a happy Valentine. We had celebrated it on the 13th already.Hugs, Cindy


  7. Stopping back by to answer your question… no I did not inherit my Desert Rose dishes. But many of them have been found at estate sales/vintage shops. I discovered that the new ones at the stores are not made the same way anymore… they really do look a LOT different. So I will continue to search for the old ones piece by piece


  8. I hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day, Kimberly. That love note to your husband is such a cute and easy idea. We had our first snowfall yesterday and I spent the evening reading “The Long Winter”. First time I've read it and I now see why it's so popular. The perfect book to read on a snowy day.I'm guessing that you are making a quilt of some sort… maybe for a baby? Looking forward to the big reveal.


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