Gifts, Gifts, Gifts.


I went to the mailbox yesterday and what did I find?
A lovely package all the way from Australia!
I won a drawing for a lace collage wall hanging from Suzi
I know I showed this beauty to you back when I won it, but look at how pretty Nature’s Bride looks draped and hanging over one of my antique mirrors. Suzi is always coming up with unique collages.
Thanks again, Suzi Q!
Have you heard of Christmas in July? Well I had Christmas in February. My SIL brought my MIL back to her cabin this past week from Michigan, and they came bearing Christmas gifts!
This handsome (I always say that when I’m referring to a manly plaid) blanket is 100 percent wool from Cannon River Mills in the USA. My SIL must know I have a thing about plaids:-)
I have already wore my pretty scarf to town yesterday.  It has so many colors in it that are favorites of mine too. One of the things I love about scarves is that you can have just a few basic tops, change you’re scarf and voila you have a whole new outfit just like that!
I’d never seen scarf jewelry before, but as I’ve said a few times, I don’t get out much… But I do love it. Now I just need to figure out how to wear it! Any ideas?
And lastly, we received two new DVDs from another SIL. I have heard a lot about The King’s Speech, but we’ve never seen it yet. Have you?
Now Duck Dynasty I have viewed. It is just so stupid, it is funny. It just makes me laugh at the ridiculousness of it. It was hard for me at first to get past the shagginess of the men-folk, just not my style. But after seeing it once I found it’s not so bad.
I’m not a regular viewer, but I do know it has a lot of people hooked.
I know this has been a long and wordy post, but I just had to show you the yard today. See the design all over the snow? That is Mr. Bobcats paw prints. This is not just one visit, but several! The little sneak comes at night so we can’t ever see him. I’m realizing now how lucky I was to get his photo at all last winter.
Well, I’ve bored you enough with what’s happening in my little world. What are you up to today?
Whatever it is, I hope your having a good one!Kimberly



16 thoughts on “Gifts, Gifts, Gifts.

  1. That bobcat has been very busy! I have to admit to watching Duck Dynasty several times and it was pretty funny. The King's Speech is a wonderful movie!!


  2. Lovely collage and it looks right at home. Nice Christmas gifts, too…love the handsome plaid blanket. Yes, I saw one of those movies. You'll enjoy it though you may wish to plug your ears every now and then.


  3. First off, not boring at all !I loved the scarf, and you will love the Kings Speech.Beautiful photo of your yard…awesome view you have.Hugs!


  4. Wonderful gifts! The little collage with lace–pretty on the mirror. The blanket…very talented! I've not watched either of those shows you mentioned. Am familiar with Duck Dynasty- my brother and my own daughter and SIL apparently watch this. I've seen previews while visiting my husbands sister's house too. It does intrigue me…we don't have cable; but I'm not sure I'd watch anyway. take care…watch out for those bobcats! Pat


  5. Lucky you Kimberly! I love the blanket. I haven't watched the King's Speech or Duck Dynasty. I hear the King's Speech is excellent and we have many friends who love Duck Dynasty. I hope you steer clear of the bobcat! That's kind of scary. Enjoy the weekend. Pam


  6. Kimberly, I enjoyed seeing all of your pretty gifts! Love the collage and plaid blanket! I agree…scarves are a great accessory! I cannot get over that bobcat and his prints!!! I have never seen anything like that!Karen


  7. I don't know either to be sad that you don't see Mr. Bobcat or happy! It kinda scares me. Either way the foot prints are exciting.Blessed to know that you are loved with all those gifts.The Kings Speech is wonderful! Keep tissues close by.


  8. Hi Kimberly, You have received some really wonderful gifts. Your scarf is beautiful. Go to Pinterest and type in scarf and how to tie it, you'll find lots of really pretty ways to wear a scarf.Hugs, cindy


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