I Love This-It Is So True!


So True!


16 thoughts on “I Love This-It Is So True!

  1. Right after I began blogging and found the joy in it, I slipped into the habit of heading to Google Reader first thing in the morning making it a priority over my long standing ritual of morning devotions. Some days, by the time I finished reading Blogs, there wasn't time for the devotions and they got skipped. Before long, I realized my days weren't proceeding as smoothly as I wanted and wandered why?? Didn't take long to figure it out. That “bread” had taken a backseat to other things and had become “cake!” Rest assured, things got back in proper perspective quickly. And a lesson was learned about how easy it is to get priorities out of focus!


  2. Oh bot, does Sharon's comment ring true for me..I too got into the bad habit of putting 'The Reader' before God…Bad Idea!Thanks for sharing this gentle reminder.Have a Blessed Sunday, my friend. xo


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