Dressing the Dresser


Today I gathered a few mementos that were my Mothers to decorate my dresser top. None of the items are expensive or fancy-my Mother was neither.  But I think they all look pretty together and most of all they remind me of her.
This lovely lady belonged to my Aunt Vi. When she passed my Mom displayed the vase on a shelf in her spare bedroom.
 I’ve always wanted to start a collection, I’ve seen so many pretty variations, but they are a wee bit pricey to me!
 This gold watch was the one Mom wore when she was dressing to go out.
And she wore this silver watch  for every day.
Mom gave me her wedding ring set several years ago and I wear them underneath my own wedding rings every day. She had only a plain gold band for many years.
On their 25th wedding anniversary my Dad bought this set for her. It’s hard to see the diamond in the set, it’s so tiny.
 With seven children to feed, my Dad did commercial fishing on the Mississippi River after working a regular day job to bring in extra money. I expect that’s the only way he was able to have the extra money to buy this ring set for my Mom. She was a stay at home mother at that time.
So now you can see how my little dresser vignette
is going to bring me a lot of happy memories of days gone by every time I pass it!
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23 thoughts on “Dressing the Dresser

  1. How wonderful to have those wonderful things that belonged to your Mom. That ring set is just so precious and I bet your Mom was thrilled when he gave it to her- xo Diana


  2. Now this is an excellent way to honor your mother. I should try to do something like this, too. I have a few things here and there, but nothing gathered as you have done. I imagine that the seven children were your mother's diamonds and her crown and her greatest achievement.


  3. Morning Kimberly, loving tribute to your wonderful Mom……that little vignette looks so pretty……you really did a touching job putting all those treasures together…..what a great old book, would love to find one of those…..Hugs Francine.


  4. Hi Kimberly, What a wonderful tribute to your mother. I have my mother's watch also.. I also have one of my mother's rings –and wear it on my right hand. Thanks for sharing some special treasures which belonged to your Mom… That is so special.Thanks for sharing.Hugs,Betsy


  5. I think it is lovely that you have a “spot” on your dresse that is your mom. Now each ay when you see it, you'll be able to smile and enjoy all those sweet memories.


  6. Kimberly, that is such a sweet little memorial to your Mother and the meaningful items she left to you. You're very good at displaying things. I like how you displayed the rings and the bust of the lady with pearls is dear.


  7. First time here, today, and have so enjoyed reading your blog. Such a wonderful life, Kimberly!We have some things in common: my dad passed 2/23 at 91; mom passed 2/10/03. I know what you're feeling, the loss of 2 parents. Your “broken ice” says it all.And, like you, am a baby boomer, lots of the same likes and memories,same exact age as you, but 5 days older! (With 5 more days of wrinkles and wisdom!) No grand kids yet; so you are eons ahead of me, and oh so blessed!XO, Blessed Easter, from Metro DC.


  8. PS I meant to say, my dad passed this past February. I had 10 years in between; and I am glad to say I believe both are in Heaven.Jesus is Lord.


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