Patchwork Curtain Reveal

  Vintage Curtains
I’m not sure if you will remember the sheet project I was going to surprise you with-it was so long a go.
Many of you guessed it was going to be a quilt.
But no!
 I had planned all along to make vintage sheet curtains for my g’daughter Starlet.
I have to say that although this was a ‘fly by the seat of my pants project’ with no pattern, it was quite easy.
 I will warn you that it was very time consuming with so much sewing, but still very easy.
 And I honestly can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed working with fabric as much as I did with my collection of sheets.
Several of my vintage sheets were collected while we were in the Yukon, on the way home through Saskatchewan, and then as far South as Iowa.
The patterns in the old sheets are just gorgeous, I think. And I remember many of them from my own mothers household. I just bet you may recognise a few yourselves!

I can not take credit for this as an original idea.
I first saw the curtains above on Maggie & Sparrow’s flickr, which set me out collecting my sheets in the first place.
After making four panels I still have enough fabric to make more curtains or another project.
 So, who knows, you may be right about that quilt after all!
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27 thoughts on “Patchwork Curtain Reveal

  1. I love them, they are precious:) I can't believe you found so many beautiful sheets with such great patterns. I have been on the look out and haven't found anything like yours. Great curtains:) Now I have sheet envy!!


  2. Good morning! What a wonderful idea (wherever it came from!). I love it! Soo pretty. Oh, and I love your grand daughters name…Starlet! Enjoy your day! HUGS


  3. I love all the sweet patterns and how resourceful you were to find another use for the sheets. I have a valance that looks like this, but I purchased at the store. Someday I really need to find time to sew because when I see projects like this, I feel the urge to play with the fabrics I collect. I always have big plans, but never seem to get anything made because I hate to cut the pretty fabric. Thanks for dropping by my blog today!


  4. Oh wow! Found you via Nifty Thrifty Tuesday. Just seeing the picture makes me happy! It reminds me of a favorite quilt I had as a kid, and the fabrics just make me happy and nostalgic. I'm wishing I had old pretty sheets now to do this myself!


  5. With all that happy fabric and creating something for your grand daughter, it's no wonder it turned out so well.Great idea and even better the way it turned out. Love it!


  6. Nice! And, I recognize one from when I was 5; which I still have! If I didn't, boy, would this make me weepy, as I had very fond memories of that pink, girly room (where I spent many a day, and night, with 2 bouts of the measles!).


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