A Very Welcome Visitor!


Our Surprise Visitor
You can imagine our surprise this morning when the fellow who had been leaving his tracks all over our yard this winter finally made an appearance!
First he snuck around the corner of the shed. Then he was brave enough to venture to the front of it where he sat for a good long time while I shot many, many photos of him.

Next he disappeared behind the shed, only to come out in the woods next to the old outhouse.
Again, I proceeded to shoot many photos of him.
You can tell, too, that he knew I was photographing him again.
It was interesting watching his stealth movements.
There were times when he would raise his body to a pouncing position like he was ready to attack, and then curl himself into a tight ball as if he was going to settle in for a nice little nap.
Mr. Lynx sat between our two sheds looking longingly toward my MIL’s cottage like he wanted so badly to go visiting there also. This is his usual path according to the previous tracks he’s left.
However, with me watching from the window, he decided instead to make one last trip to the wood shed and then he disappeared around the corner.
Now if I can only get a picture of that flighty red fox
that keep running through the yard……



32 thoughts on “A Very Welcome Visitor!

  1. What a beautiful creature; don't know if there is any reason to be cautious around them or not. Oh how I love fox-we get them here in Colorado. You are blessed to see such wildlife so close. Enjoy.Hugs, Noreen


  2. Oh Wow! These are great shots Kimberly! What a beautiful creature he is. You sure have a lot of snow there still, but I guess I might be saying that this time tomorrow about here. lol Stay safe when you're out in the yard, please!!!


  3. Great pictures you got of him! I had a red fox at my front door one night…came up the steps and back down and around the house. I have an “L” shaped house so I was watching from the “L” part but didn't get any pictures.Good job!


  4. Awesome! This must be the winter for wildlife sightings. I posted on Valentine's Day about a little buck that followed me home and followed me around the yard like a puppy. Isn't it cool to come close to wild animals like that? Especially a beautiful cat like your lynx. I'll be curious if it comes back….my little buck never did.Diane


  5. OMGOSH- What a beautiful cat. I have always been fascinated by the Lynx for some reason. I have only ever seen one and I thought he was just a regal looking cat. What great pictures!!! xo Diana


  6. WOW!! I am totally impressed with these pictures. He is beautiful!! I honestly can't imagine looking out my window and seeing something as magnificent as that! Enjoy your day!


  7. He's beautiful! How fun to get have a chance to photograph him. How large would you say that he is? It's hard to tell in a photo. My husband saw a cat recently on the side of the road, it may have been a lynx.Have a wonderful week.Hugs, Cindy


  8. Wow that would be incredible to see that. I never get tired of looking at our wildlife around here, but we have never had a lynx around. The fox are gorgoeous with their fluffy red tails.


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