Vintage Scrap Bag


After sewing my g’daughter Starlets vintage  sheet curtains,
I had several narrow strips of scraps left over.
Not one to waste, I threw together a bag for my curlers.
Curlers? Yes, I’m old fashioned that way!
I have very thin hair, so unless I want to have it permed,
I have to roll it.
This project can definitely be rated at a  beginners level.
Anyone can do it!
Simply sew your vintage sheet strips together. Next choose a contrasting
color strip and alternate it with your patterned strips.
 You can make this
bag any size, of course, for whatever purpose you desire.
I wanted a curler bag, but you might want one for rags, or plastic bags,
or whatever.
If you’d like more ideas of uses for your vintage sheets, please feel free to
visit my Pinterest board titled  Repurposed Vintage Linens. I’ve repinned many really beautiful projects there!
You can get there by clicking your cursor on my Pinterest button located
on the top left corner of this post.
Happy Pinning My Friends!


13 thoughts on “Vintage Scrap Bag

  1. Oh my, I use rollers too! My hair is also thin and very fine so I found that the velcro rollers work the best for me. For several years now, I have been carting them around in a gal. ziplock (not very attractive) and have been meaning to figure something else out. This is perfect as I collect sheets like you do and have some pretty ones that would make for a very 'happy' curler bag..Thanks!!A very Happy Easter to you and your family, my friend. Much love.


  2. Your bag turned out darling and really does look vintagey…is that a word? LOL! I also started following you on Pinterest! I'm on there too and will have to put that button thing on my blog once I figure out how! Happy Easter!


  3. This is a cute bag. I was looking at some of your pins while ago…and I think I pinned some with crocheted edging! I love this idea for a curler bag…or whatever. It's cute.have a blessed Resurrection Sunday, friend! Pat


  4. You come up with the sweetest things -cute cute — I can think a many things to do with thing sweet fabric bag.. put some fun items for my little grandgirl.. or hang it on a door knob with smelly stuff inside..Oh the list is endless – right!! Hugs


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