Joining Vee’s Notecard Party


I’m joining my friend Vee’s  Notecard Party today.
I’m titling my cards, “Relics of Kluane Lake’.
All of the boats are located on the shore right
in front of the cabin we called home last summer.
There were five or six  boats altogether.

Notice how this ol’ lady has weeds growing
 in her  belly?
I can’t imagine how many years she been
laying on this shoreline.
I couldn’t find my full photo of this blue beauty.
But I wanted to share it’s rustic chippyness with you.
If I could revive the blue beauty this is how
I would dress her for her next voyage
out on the lake!



22 thoughts on “Joining Vee’s Notecard Party

  1. Here in my area (Colorado) we have tons of old rusty trucks and cars! YOU have great old falling apart boats! I adore them all……you captured them perfectly!HugsJan


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