Thanksgiving in April?


Last night Tim and I had to cater a dinner  for a local organization at the lodge.
I found myself running around the rooms snatching
a few flowers from one, a vase from another, scouring cabinets for the proper table setting.
In the end I think the hodge podge of this and
that made a pretty decent table setting after all.
The party requested a Thanksgiving meal.
They wanted turkey with all the trimmings!
This meant I had to call this cook out of
retirement, throw an apron on him,
and request his help in the kitchen.
He rose to the occasion, just as
he always does for me.
Tim only allowed me to take his picture
if I would agreed to let him take mine.
I think he just wanted you to see what
I was ‘busy’ doing while he was ‘slaving’
over a hot stove.
In all honesty, he was profuse with his compliments on my dessert and all the work it had taken
 me to  pull a pretty table together.
All in all, I guess we both had our roles
to play. Right?



20 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in April?

  1. Kimberly, it's so nice to see a photo of you and your hubby hard at work. (I'm sure you were working hard on the computer too). 🙂 Your dining table looked beautiful and I'm sure the turkey dinner and the dessert were very good. It looks like a fun time and it's nice that you and Tim work well together. Blessings, Pamela


  2. When I first looked at your table settings, I really thought you had taken the photos from a magazine. Your tables are just beautiful and look so exceptional. You both look great, thanks for taking a picture of each other. It sounds really great what you are doing. Not to mention you look like you are having fun.


  3. You two are so cute!Now a few words about your table…Beautiful doesn't describe what you pulled off! Outstanding isn't even good enough. Way to go!(I actually thought it was a magazine picture that you “borrowed”)


  4. Kimberly,I love the pictures of you and Tim. The table setting pictures were beautiful too. I can only imagine how wonderful this meal was because it had two great people making it.


  5. Kimberly, It looks great. You did a wonderful job pulling everything together with what you had to work with. Your dinner sounds wonderful and I love the pictures of you guys-xo Diana


  6. Is this your first post from your newest place of employment and residence? Your table looks lovely and I'm sure with a cook like that in the kitchen it was a marvellous meal. Btw, what was your dessert? Just curious.Hugs, Cindy


  7. Your table looks perfect. I think the best setting are when you just use what you have and make the best of it. Thanksgiving dinner sounds pretty darn good too:) I don't even think my hubby knows where the stove is in our kitchen LOL


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