The Worlds Worst Blogger


Yes, I know I’m right up there as one of the Worlds Worst bloggers lately.
I’ve just been so darn busy it seems.

I did take the time yesterday to step outside to take a quick tour of our new yard here at the new house.
As you can see my Spring flowers are just blooming!

When we looked at the house to buy, everything out doors was covered in snow.
It was a nice surprise to see this sweet cement border, with cement houses all around the front flower garden.
They need a little re-freshening, but that will come with time.
And lastly, here is the screened in porch off of our garage.
I got a feeling I’m going to be spending some quality reading time here this summer.
Believe me, I can’t wait!


23 thoughts on “The Worlds Worst Blogger

  1. Those are really nice surprises Kimberly! One never knows I suppose. It's like buying it sight unseen, on the outside at least. The little screened porch is going to be awesome this summer. I'd love one of those! Have fun getting to know your new house and community. It's great to hear from you. Blessings, Pam


  2. Oh- It's fun to make discoveries about your new place, isn't it? I have only ever bought one house in the dead of winter and there were NO nice surprises when Spring hit! lol Can't wait to see more and more and I love a screen porch- xo Diana


  3. What a darling space. So glad to hear you are liking what you are finding after the snow melted. Can't wait to see the inside of your new place.


  4. Well welcome home! Glad that you are finding new things to cheer you in it. Your porch looks delightful. BTW, you are nowhere near to achieving the Worst Blogger Award. Nope.


  5. Flowers are always a nice surprise. I don't think you have been a bad blogger, you have been moving. I think it is wonderful that you updated so fast. I like your new screened in room. I bet it will be so nice to spend time there.


  6. Aw — no worries — we know when summer is around everyone is much more busy+er — wink!!! Glad you have flowers and a PORCH like that one and sweet looking too! I can see it now with some light sheer curtains and potted flowers around — awe it's endless == can't wait to see what's up your sleeve..once you have rested and your back is 100% Hugs


  7. Hey, you've been busy, so you have an excuse! Such sweet surprises after the snow melted. And porches like that sure are a life-saver during the pleasant months.


  8. No you're not the worlds worst blogger, in face I deserve that prize. I just do not have the time or the gumption for it. Don't know what I will do about it.Hugs, Cindy


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