Summer Tour of Homes


Today I went on a Summer Tour of Houses.
It is a tour of 25 amazing blogger homes.
It was hosted by Gina at  The Shabby Creek Cottage.
Honestly, if your day is anything like mine has been, this tour
will work like a  tub of  hot Calgon bath water in taking
you away from reality for a while.
What is my whine? I have no phone yet!
Yes, so sad something like this can send me over the edge….
I know it’s just a culmination of so many things, not just the phone.
I’m not going to go into all the bloody details.
I mean really, who wants to hear it?
But just to give you a little taste of what’s been happening with this move,
and remember this is just a taste.
The day we went to pick up our moving truck and trailer we were
informed that they only had a small trailer available.
We were booked weeks ahead with this company.
So to make a long story short I had to leave a lot of my
stuff behind!
I wouldn’t have minded lightening my load at all.
But it would’ve been nice to have known ahead of
time so I could have picked what I wanted and
didn’t want.
In the end I keep telling myself it is just stuff.
I have my health. We have shelter, lots of food,
and opportunities ahead.
 So what really do I have to complain about, right?
As far as the phone goes, we had made arrangement way ahead of time to have it connected last Monday.
I was expecting a VIP call today which I was
unable to receive.
But that’s life.
 Little bumps in the road, they call it, I guess.
All I know is that I’m so…glad tomorrow is a new day!


16 thoughts on “Summer Tour of Homes

  1. Aw! sorry your having all these little unpleasant happenings. You are taking it all quite well. The VIP call…that would be bad. But life without a phone for a while…sounds kind of nice. I think I'd have a good ol' fashioned “come apart” if I had to unexpectedly leave my stuff. Kind of makes one a little more compassionate for people who don't have a choice… like Tornado,Fire or Hurricane victims. The LORD will bless you Kimberly… and all of this will be softened by HIS touch. 🙂 Pat


  2. Oh, I'm sorry about these bumps you are going through right now. They are quite maddening though, especially the moving truck one and having to leave some things behind. Is there any way you can get them at all? I hope your phone gets connected soon. That is not good service! I'm going to visit the house tours. Sounds like fun. I hope all these things get worked out and am glad you are looking at the positive side. Blessings, Pam


  3. It's all those little annoyances that add up to big time stress. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with all of this at once. Having to leave MORE stuff behind is really stressful! Hang in there. xo Diana


  4. Aggravating! Same thing happened to my sis and her husband…no truck available…it was You Haul. (Is that tricky enough?) Anyway, the truck they did get broke down. I think movers have extra frustrations, which are so annoying when so many things are going on already. You do yourself a great favor to go ahead and vent. We'll all sympathize and then you'll feel better. Keep looking up!


  5. Kimberly,I am like you, I plan and make all the arrangements ahead of time. I get so ticked off when things fall through the cracks by those who are suppose to be professionals in business. Take a deep breath, these problems will all pass and things will be alright.


  6. I'm sorry that these things have happened to keep your move from going smoothly. It's definitely annoying to miss out on a VIP call, not to mention having to leave things behind. Hope all is resolved soon. You have a great attitude, I'd probably be having a melt-down. 🙂 Take care!


  7. I am so sorry you are having problems. I was just saying to hubby this morning that too many mistakes are being made by workers..workers in every walk of life. Things just like what have happened to you. Those are not mistakes because it happens all of the time. It is just lip service and no one seems so give a rip when it happens. Can you tell that I have seen plenty of this in my life book too..ugh.Anyway, you are right, tomorrow is another day..Thankfully. xo


  8. good morning! I am a few days behind so hopefully things have smoothed out s bit. And personally, I think these things are at least worth a good vent! Goodness, how annoying! I have heard NUMEROUS truck stories similar to this over the years…doesn't it seem like it wouldn't be that hard to get it right? sigh. Well, like I said, hopefully things are smoother now. Hugs to you!


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