Google Plus or Bloglovin’?


I have just read that as of July 1st we will be losing Google Friend Connect and Google Reader!
Spring cleaning for Google and a way of forcing us to use Google+.
I done a little research myself of the options. I already have Linksy, but I’m not particularly fond of it and I haven’t had many followers who wanted to follow my blog on it.
It appears to me that Bloglovin would be the best alternative and easiest way to transfer ones followers.
I have to admit I am really clueless about the best route to go….
Please let me know what you have decided to do.

After a little research of my own, I’m not so sure that what I read was true.
Read this link.
I suggest you do your own research and decide.
I have heard this scare before and it proved not to be true.
Let me know what you find out!


15 thoughts on “Google Plus or Bloglovin’?

  1. I have started using bloglovin and think it is fine, I am just a creature of habit and have trouble getting used to things. I have been slowly transferring blogs over there and the new ones I follow are done on Bloglovin. I will be doing everything I can to change all things possible away from Google after finding out that they are so deep into this administration and the sell out of the citizens of the United State of America!!!Have a lovely week! xo


  2. I guess I am going to have to go to blog loving. I am still not sure- does this mean that our followers button and faces are not going to show up anymore? I HATE all these changes- xo Diana


  3. I like Bloglovin and despise Google Connect. In fact, that one is getting so bad that I'm nearly at the point where I can no longer comment on the blogs that are using it and I REFUSE to sign up myself.


  4. If you choose Bloglovin you can import your list from Google Friends. I claimed my site on Bloglovin and it is being found. I myself, don't use either place and especially not Google+ (I have moved away from Blogger as well). I just keep my own blogroll and it updates whenever a site adds a new post … so whatever link pops to the top of the list has updated and I visit.


  5. Well, this is all so confusing Kimberly, but I'm not switching to anything. My blog friend in town (Stitch Lines) and I are staying with our regular blog's format as we don't use Google Reader at all. We'll see what happens July 1. We may both be in the dark and you'll never hear from us again. LOL I'm not going to Google Chrome or Google + or Blog Lovin' or anything. If I'm gone AWOL please email me??? 🙂 I see you went with Blog Lovin'. I checked it out but couldn't really get any answers in how to add it. To me it didn't really explain how it works and I'm a big chicken with trying something new! So, if I disappear on July 1 please come find me. OK? Pam


  6. I seem to be the lone ranger today, but I switched to Feedly and have no complaints with it whatsoever. The switch was effortless and there are several ways in which it is much simpler than Google Reader was.


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