My peonies have finally opened up!
I have one small bush in the back yard.
And I have waited, and waited,
and waited and I am now finally blessed
with their blooms!
Now I know you might think I’ve been lazing, but just to prove you wrong I’m going to show you 
 a few snippets of the kitchen…

Do you recognise the patterns in my curtains?
I made them from a vintage sheet that I liked and an old gingham chicken scratch table cloth I had bought in the Yukon last summer.
I could’ve done more with them, but I was going for  a simple country look.
These are shelf brackets that my Dad made for me many moons ago.
I decided to play with them and put them back to back for decoration over my little windows.
I know he would be happy to know I’m using them again….
Here’s some of my wall fodder ladies.
I hope you’ll check back soon and see how I plan
to put these pretties to use.
With any luck it won’t take me a whole week
to get this project done.


22 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. I love your new header, I will say before I forget!!I can't wait to see what you do with your wall, you can tell how far North you are, most places the Peonies are finished!


  2. I love your sweet curtains, Kimberly. That was a nice marriage of fabrics. Can't wait to see what you do with your plate and I LOVE those brackets your Dad made for you- xo Diana


  3. It's all looking mighty pretty — and with those special touches from your Dad — this is going to be a wow of a kitchen – I can hardly stand it — I want to see it all.. NOW .. wink!Okay what will you do with those plates.. umm.. have a nice shelf to place them on ??? Hugs


  4. Well the curtains are just darling! I love the color and the way you have blended the fabric! All your little snippets have me so anxious to see the whole thing! Enjoy your week-end!


  5. I love the curtains, Kimberly. I think that it is neat that you found a way to reuse the shelf brackets your Dad made for you too. Have a great weekend!


  6. Wow Kimberly, I just don't know how you can get something simple and 'see' it as something else. I just love your kitchen curtains and the shelf brackets are beautiful. I'm sure your Dad would be delighted! I'm so glad that your peonies have opened and are giving you ( and us) so much pleasure. Joan


  7. Kimberly,(in a whisper…)Can I come over? I promise not to tell the others but I'm dying to see your kitchen!! You'd better hurry with the great reveal before we start banging on your door!LOVE your charming curtains, and even though they're tied, I STILL can't see what's inside!;))Happy Saturday!Poppy


  8. Hi Kimberly, I see you have been busy in the kitchen, so to speak. 🙂 It looks so sweet with your vintage touches. I love the new phone! That is pretty unique and fun to have. I hope you get some better summer weather soon! That's not fun at all. Hugs, Pam


  9. I am starting to get peony envy. The only time I ever saw a peony up close and personal was on a tour of Williamsburg. I would love to have them in my home and garden, but I never see them at the nursery which tells this inexperienced gardener that they don't grow in my area.Yours are B E A U T I F U L !


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