My Tool Box Five Ways

Many years ago the carpenter that we had hired to lay a wood floor for us had two old tool boxes in the back of his truck, along with a few other items he was taking to the dump.
Well needless to say, by the time he left our house he no longer had to make that trip to the dump.
I had lightened his load-of everything!
My tool box has had so many lives and has been painted so many different colors over the years.
Here is an example of how it can be used for dishes.
I’ve used it in the office.
I’ve used it for holding my craft supplies.
A couple of years ago I used it to hold my vinegars and oils.
Hint: Place foil in the bottom if doing this!
Oh, this was so simple, but so pretty.
Eight plain canning jars, eight gingham ribbons, and eight wildflowers from the creeks edge to make a simple floral piece for the screened porch.
Oh, I’m not done with ideas for this old tool box.
Next time you might find it on my bathroom counter or right next to my favorite chair.
You never know someday I may do something really novel and use it to carry my tools
What would you do with your tool box?
Keep the ideas coming….
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21 thoughts on “My Tool Box Five Ways

  1. I bought just such a toolbox and was going to paint it and transfer vintage signage on it. The toolbox is still in the garage…somewhere…waiting. Love what you've done with yours all over the place!


  2. I love your turquoise tool box and the story of how you came by it. They certainly are a multi-use item. I have a small one on my dining table right now with seashells, a starfish and two small bottles with lavender in them. It will soon be changed out though for a fall theme. Have a great day!


  3. Great ideas for using a toolbox. I love the idea of finding the wildflowers by the creek. The oils make me think it could also be used for carting sauces and tools for a barbecue.The tool box is a great piece no matter how you use it.Visiting from Knick of Time. xoGinger


  4. Kimberly, Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my blog. I appreciate your visits!I have an old, old toolbox that was my great grandfather's. We believe that he constructed it as proof of his handiwork, and a physical resume' of sorts. It has chippy green paint which I love, and I'm thinking of cleaning it up and adding a wax or sealer to help the rest of the paint to stay on as well as adding a luster. Your posts gives me some great ideas for what to do with it! Thanks for the ideas! ~Sally


  5. Awesome! Love the different looks. It's wonderful to have a piece you can use in so many different ways.I have several old tool boxes. I recently found one with it's original chippy pink paint. Yes, Pink!! I filled it with old Mason jars decorated with shabby chic fabrics. I tied strips of fabric around the tops and filled the jars with fresh cut flowers from the garden.Thanks for sharing. You've given me some new ideas on how to use mine.Have a wonderful weekend.Elizabeth


  6. If I had my own toolbox with tools, I'd have to paint it pink (tool handles, too) so my hubby would leave it alone! Love all your uses of the toolbox.Kimberly, you asked about my camera. (And, thanks, I'm glad you like my pics!) I have 2 that I use, the bigger one is a Canon Powershot SX30 IS and the one I just bought, that fits into my pocket, is a Canon Powershot ELPH 330 HS. My recent photos are from the ELPH. I am still learning with both of them! Enjoy your weekend!


  7. That is a sweet little toolbox, I might use it for my oil and vinegars next to my kitchen stove if I had a large enough counter space. I love the look of it with the dishes in it next to your kitchen sink.


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