Welcome My Guest Post Friend


Hello Friends!
Many of you know that I am on the road this week travelling South for a wedding.
While I am away a new blogger friend Eva from Home Décor has kindly offered to do a guest post for me.
Eva Stephen is from the UK and has done up a beautiful post offering us all some Fall decorating tips.
I know I am looking for new ideas.
So without any further blabbing from me, please
Welcome Eva!


Get your Home Beautiful this Fall; Naturally!

Nights are drawing in and there is a nip in the air at night. Now is the time to get your home ready for fall and winter, by adding warm autumn touches to your home. If possible, choose to add natural elements to your décor to emphasise the stately changing of the seasons.
Evergreens grow readily in large plant pots and add a fresh fragrance to any room. Autumn leaves can be carefully preserved in glycerin to keep them in good condition for up to several years. These leaves can then be used in dried flower arrangements or arranged in a vase themselves. Touches of red and gold glitter and ribbon serve to brighten and enhance the whole effect; that of a welcoming, warm glade.
Candles can literally ‘warm up’ room as well as brightening dim corners. A vignette featuring a naturally scented candle can change the entire ambiance of any room, infusing it with fruit scents, citrus or lavender perfume, or even a hint of sea salt and fresh air. These candles serve a dual purpose, bringing light into the room and activating the sense of smell.
Now is the time to dig out all your tablecloths and runners, ready for those hearty seasonal meals. But, spending a few moments on your furniture is also advisable. Shop4furniture have a range of beautifully polished wooden sideboards and dining tables – you may even be tempted to put the tablecloth away again!
Autumn is traditionally harvest time, and there is something immensely satisfying and prosperous looking about a large pile of fruit and nuts, just inviting you to take a nibble! Invest in a large, ornate fruit bowl or basket and fill it seasonally. The Hammock designed fruit baskets from Wayfair looks absolutely adorable placed on the kitchen counter, especially if you have an open kitchen.
Nature can be used to create your Halloween decorations and costumes too! Make outfits from natural fibres such as burlap and use real pumpkins for your jack ‘o lantern. Natural materials like thick woollen blankets, textured throws and pillows make a cosy nest anywhere in the home – but especially while cuddled up on the sofa with a good book!
Have a look around your home, trying to see where you can make changes that show that you are not only ready for autumn, but you welcome it, anticipating the good things that come with the cooler weather and shorter days!
 Wow, I just bought burlap at JoAnn’s yesterday.
Now I can’t wait to get home and copycat some of these creative ladies ideas.
Thank you, Eva, for sharing!

15 thoughts on “Welcome My Guest Post Friend

  1. Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you. You certainly have your Fall on. I love the warmth of your home. Such beautiful candle vignettes. Fruits and vegetables are perfect to decorate with. Thanks for sharing. From your newest follower, Linda


  2. Lovely to meet you, Eva! Hear that you are getting some colder and rainier days already from a dear friend of mine who lives in West Sussex!Very inspiring ideas for the new season; the pears and pomegranates are naturally pretty and enchanting!Happy weekend, to you!Poppy


  3. Hi Eva, those are all great tips and ideas, thanks! I especially like the cheerful orange wreath. I wish the wire wreath under it wasn't so stinking expensive. I have priced them out at Michaels and passed on them, unfortunately. Hopefully someone will come up with an idea of how to achieve that look without the metal base.


  4. Hello Everyone! ( I apologise for the late greeting, weekend was crazy busy!)I am SO flattered by all the compliments from you lovely ladies! It was a pleasure being Kimberly's guest and writing or her lovely readers!Thank you so much :)xoxo


  5. Nancy, candles and fragrance are two of my weaknesses, they really brighten up a room :)Thank you Christine, I am starting the holiday preparations, so really in the mood for fall decor!Thank you Linda, glad to have to readin gmy blog 🙂 I am following all you ladies now!Yes poppy, it certainly is getting chillier! 🙂 It is a pleasure meeting you, I am so happy to be introduced to such amazing people through kimberly! Cindy, I understand what you mean. I do hope I get a thrift find to imitate the look!Lana, the pleasure is all mine :)Thank you much ladies, I am going to have a ball this morning, reading your blogs and following you!xoxo


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