A is For Apple


Today was apple picking day and of course I had to show you my beauties.
I’ve put them in a favorite blue enamel wash tub of mine until I’m ready to can them.
The apple tree was here when we bought the house, so I don’t know what kind they are.
I am naming them ‘blush’.
Because they look like they are blushing to me!

It taste a lot like Granny Smith apple, which just happens to be my favorite apple to eat.
My apple picker didn’t want his photo taken.
Can you tell?
Tim picked over two bushels from this little tree.
I’m going to reward him with applesauce and a pie or two.
Sounds like a fair trade to me!
What do you think?
I will be partying here today:

28 thoughts on “A is For Apple

  1. Well I feel stupid! Applesauce and a couple of pies…very good deal. (My iPad hung up just as I reached your husband's picture and I thought that was the end. Silly me.)


  2. Those apples are beauties! What a bonus to have a fruit tree already on the property…many years of good eating. Enjoy! Yes, I think hubby deserves all kinds of goodies for being such a good picker. xo


  3. Hi, Kimberly! Those apples are incredibly beautiful and delicious looking! They almost look like Gala apples. Do you make applesauce and can that? I try to make as many pies that I can to freeze with just the apples I get at farm stands.I read your last post and saw that you were in Kalamazoo. We live not very far from there…in Cassopolis, halfway between Kalamazoo and South Bend, IN. Small world!!Love your blog, it's so happy!XO,Jane


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