The Winner Is….And a Coupon


The winner is Diane Cayton Hakey.
And her blog name is her name!
Diane has the coolest Halloween header, so pop over and check it out.

Many thanks to all of you ladies who spread the word for me and also to the new followers.
And a huge thanks to MonPetitChouBoutique.
Not only did they go half with me on the give-away,
they also want to offer all of you a 15 percent discount coupon. Their shop is full of beautiful re-purposed silverware items and at very good prices too.
I will be offering the coupon on my next post.
Tim and I are off to go Trick or Treating with our
Traverse City g’children tomorrow.
I got a feeling we are all going to be bundled up in our winter coats!
I’ll be in touch,


16 thoughts on “The Winner Is….And a Coupon

  1. Congratulations, Diane! I completely forgot to come over and leave and comment and do the last thing that I needed to do, but I'm happy for Diane. Have fun and stay warm.Hugs, cindy


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