Tartan Plaid Fashions

I want you to know that one of the reasons I love it when Fall rolls around and the days grow cooler, it is then that I can go dig in my storage totes and drag out all of my favourite plaid shirts and skirts to wear.
So tell me, which of the above pieces would you purchase if you had the opportunity?

It would be a hard choice, but I’m voting for the hat and scarf. 
Although I have to say I think the boot spats are pretty darn cool!

Okay, I guess I’m not the only one who is ready to put on my plaid coat!
How about you, my friends?
Are you a plaid lover too?
Found Sources:
Hat: fashionising
Plaid Spats by Monjo Creations
Cape: jenniferannsullinsmodel
Plaid Sheep: Bathgate, Scotland
Plaid Blankets: No Found Source






25 thoughts on “Tartan Plaid Fashions

  1. Kimberly, I love the hat/scarf combo…but wow I'd really like a plaid sheep. :):) I am too old for the spats, but love them. If I wore them at my age, people would think my plaid panties had fallen down. LOL xoxo, Susie


  2. Oh, I'm a major plaid lover!! I'm going to make those boot spats, fell in love with them. And for your other reader, you are never too old for spats!!! I think I need to go visit the Pendleton Mill Ends store this week!!


  3. Plaid is such a cozy thing for fall and winter isn't it? I think I'd go for the blanket or perhaps the cape. I do have a mohair plaid blanket that is so light but oh so warm on a cold evening while watching TV. Those sheep are hilarious! Blessings, Pam


  4. I love love plaid, but NOT on me…way too large for that, haha. HOWEVER, I would purchase the throw for me, and the hat, scarf, and boots for Melody. They would look darling on her. Enjoy your day!


  5. Love plaids..always have! I'm with you on the hat and scarf although that big pile of plaid scarfs (?) or blankets would be nice too. I don't wear heels so the spats wouldn't work for me but they are cute and I don't care for ponchos. Gee, you've got me thinking now about creating a plaid crocheted blanket…hmmm…I wonder how/if I could do that? TTYL!


  6. Hi Kimberly! Oh, I wish I could put on a coat. It's just beginning to cool down a bit around here. I love those cute striped sheep! Thank you so much for popping in to see me.be a sweetie,Shelia 🙂


  7. I LOVE plaid, Kimberly. I had a red wool plaid skirt with a matching red sweater with scarf that I wore for years until I wore it out. I don't think plaid ever goes out of style. I would pick the hat and scarf, too- xo Diana


  8. Kimberly, it is almost that time of year here on the island, when I make my way down to the basement, towards a big trunk that houses all of our seasonal attire, to retrieve my favourite plaid skirts! I love the dark, emerald green hat and scarf set! Plaid, in its many beautiful colour combinations, from clothes to Christmas ribbons, has always caught my eye!Poppy


  9. I do love plaid, my fellow plaid friend, I have two plaid blankets on my chairs already and I plan to make a plaid skirt or two. I love the hat and the scarf and the cape, the one thing I don't particularly care for would be the boots, nah, they are just not me.Have a good weekend!


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