Thinking of the Holidays Here..

With snow falling for the last several days here, is it any wonder my thoughts are turning towards Christmas?
It is only four inches so far, but still enough to remind me that I need to start planning and thinking of the holidays.

Of course it’s easy to get excited about the snow coming when I’m inside drinking hot tea and you know who has to do all of the shoveling…..

This is what I’m currently working on-new pillow shams for our bedroom.
Hopefully I’ll get them finished this week….
And, hopefully, the whole bedroom…

These are my inspiration pillow shams!

And what are you up to on this Tuesday?


28 thoughts on “Thinking of the Holidays Here..

  1. Nothing so lovely as beautiful pillow shams. I'm making tea towels with appliqued images. Snow does make a gal feel as if things are changing. Have you played any Christmas music yet? I am considering it even though there's no snow forecast for today.


  2. Kimberly, I hope your”you know who” got some hot cocoa when he finished the shoveling :):) It snowed here last night, about a 1/2 inch…and now that's enough for me.:):) Stay warm, xoxo,Susie


  3. oh how I would love to see some snow! We are suppose to get into the eighties today…sigh, not very Christmasy. I have been working on embroidering the shirts for the babies these last couple of days, but today it is time to address these grey roots, lol. Enjoy your day!


  4. Your snow looks pretty as you showon first picture.Oh yes hubbys do have that job . They are stronger. They do a better job. When I was younger I used to do it also and enjoy it.Oh will that look nice when finished your sewing project.I have had my head in my craft room all this week.Making myself and album and many others to follow.For self. I have done so many albums for others. I am not thinking about me.Trying all different ways of my design covers and in-between reading my second book.We have snow also not sure if it is going to stay.


  5. Your snow scene is so pretty and it would certainly get me in the mood for Christmas! I'm almost ready to take down the fall decor and put up Christmas stuff now even tho Thanksgiving is still a couple of weeks away. Love your inspiration for pillow shams. They will be so pretty!


  6. We got snow-like a inch & it is still blowing snow. Very pretty..not as much as yours though. It is very cold here(*25). ANYWAYS-Love the pillow sham inspiration. Not doing much here, had to take hubby to the ear dr. Now, I am on my 2 nd cup of coffee. (ok, 4th since 6 am, lol.) BLESSINGS


  7. Yesterday I finished my beret that I crocheted. Today I went to our new (to us) gym to work out. Then Miguel and I went shopping for work out clothes. He bought new shoes, and shorts and I bought workout pants and a shirt. Any excuse to shop, right?


  8. It looks wintery there Kimberly. And pretty too. I like your new pillow sham and the inspiration photo. I'm sure they will look pretty when completed. Today I went to Bible study in the morning and this afternoon I started Christmas decorating. I can't seem to get into it though. It will take me a couple more days and I'm in town tomorrow. I won't put the tree up yet although I've seen a couple up and lit already! Have fun sewing.


  9. The snow looks beautiful. We are getting cool temps and cold wind…but no snow yet. I really like your pillow slips/shams…pretty. I like the ruffles. Your inspiration photo is pretty too. While on the subject of pretty photos…I forgot to tell you, I like your new profile picture. So pretty! Stay warm my friend. ~Pat


  10. Kind of chuckling at snow inspiring your Christmas thoughts. Our first snow was the first of October and snow has fallen four more times since then. One day fall colors rule, then snowy winter white then the temps soar back to “sit on the deck and sun bath” summer kind of days. Opening the windows each morning is a real surprise!My project is updating our “bug out” rolling suitcase. When we lived in Houston we saw how one can be evacuated in 30 minutes! Having a suitcase packed with emergency info and emergency supplies and grab lists should be a must have for everyone. Lists like what heirloom jewelry to take, meds, legal docs etc is helpful to have when crazy times hit. Keeping batteries, addresses and pet/people food is tricky though.


  11. I see you are keeping your self buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy! Awe so much whiteness.. christmas thoughts have not arrived in my thoughts yet – will until now – what to do g=for grandchildren.. That photo makes me so ready to jump into all that soft looking bed..Hey, sweet friend – stay safe and keep warm..Is your cold GONE?I still have a cough..err


  12. Oh Kimberly that snow would have me pulling out my décor for sure. We have been in the upper 60's here. I'm loving it, but tomorrow it's going to drop and be cold for a week. Wonder if we'll see snow? Love the bedding and your shams are looking darling!hugs,Jann


  13. Hi KimberlyI saw your comment at Kathy's cottage and came by for a visit. Snow already! You must live pretty far north! My niece has a vacation place onLake Superior and they had snow there already. I am originally from Toronto but now we live in North Carolina with its mild winters which I love.Your photos are beautiful and I like your style. I'll be back to visit again soon and see how you've decorated for Christmas.I'm glad I found you!


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