Celebrating Forty Years Together!


My goodness how we have changed!
I can hardly believe that we’ve been together for forty years.
We were married in the United Methodist Church and the Pastor was my FIL.
I weighed 120lbs and Tim probably 130lbs.
Yes, we have changed!
We have been blessed with four healthy children and nine grandchildren, and for this I am so grateful to the Lord.
Happy Anniversary Tim!


37 thoughts on “Celebrating Forty Years Together!

  1. Happy anniversary to you and your hubby Kimberly. Such a blessing to be together 40 years. Rare these days to have a marriage to stand the test of time. Mr. P. And I celebrated our 40th this past July. Enjou your day. Hoping it will be special for you.Angela


  2. Happy Anniversary.I am just a couple of years ahead of your (it will be 43 in April), but we don't have a single grandchild. I was just counting today and realized that my mother was 68 when her oldest child finally gave her a grandchild. I am 65 so there is still hope for me to have grandchildren before I am too rickety to hold them.May you have many more years together.


  3. Sorry I missed wishing you a Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary! Dan and I met in 1973 so we just passed 40 years of knowing each other. I was all of 125 lbs back then and he about 140. Yes things have changed! Happy belated Anniversary Wishes!


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