Fragments of a Friday

Remember these?
This is the last Fall bouquet of Wildflowers I gathered before the snow and the cold weather hit Northern Ontario.

It makes me happy just to gaze upon them again!

If it were possible (and I was rich enough) I would send a bouquet to all of my blogging friend, just to put a smile on your face today.

I have even decided that I will splurge next week and buy a bouquet of flowers for myself.
If  the store has any, that is.

I am ending the week here with projects. There are always projects around here.
I keep a long list of them and then check them off as I get them accomplished.
Do you?
Funny thing is that they never get checked off on the day that they are supposed to be finished, sometimes not even the same week that they are supposed to be finished!


Now here is a project that is soon to be finished.
 But when it is done I am going to be especially sad.

Tim and I have been watching Lark Rise to Candleford each evening together.
I know I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating.
This is the best written and the best performed period piece that I have ever seen!
I end up fighting back the tears nearly every program.
It is just that darn heart warming, ladies!
The characters personalities are so rich. And after watching a show daily since Christmas, I feel like I will be saying “goodbye” to very good friends when it is finished.
Oh, I know that sounds crazy.
But don’t judge until you have watched the series yourself….
Anyway, enough of that…Today’s project is to work on a curtain for the office/sewing room and then on one for our back entry door.
How about you, what are your weekend plans?

Do you watch the Super Bowl?
Whatever you do, I hope your weekend is a good one!

Paper Medallion Craft


Here is the paper medallion craft I’ve been working on, friends.
Done, finally!
When I ask you to guess what it was I was making, many of you thought I was working on lampshades.
Some of  you thought they might be cupcake holders….
And there were three who guessed flowers or rosettes.
You three were right!
This is a fun craft. But it is very time consuming. There is a lot of folding.
A Whole lot!
Here is a close up look of the extra details I added to a couple of the medallions by punching one with holes and cutting the other one.
If you are interested in trying this yourself here is the BH&G Tutorial that I followed.
Have fun…
I apologise for the poor photo quality. After three weeks Blogger still has not fixed the problem with my photo uploading, so I’m using Live Writer.
The photos are perfect there, but after they are transferred they show up blurry for some reason.
If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

Snow Scenes

Camp and Cottage Living
It’s been a long time since I’ve shared any photos of the snow here.
It hasn’t changed much. We’ve had this amount of snow for months now.
This is our screened porch.
My husband does such a nice job of keeping the snow cleared from it’s deck that I almost feel guilty about not using it.
 It’s hard not to be dreaming of the warm and sunny days when I can once again enjoy reading out there!
This is a our back yard looking onto the ski hill.

Camp and Cottage Living
This poor little bird house hasn’t seen one visitor since I hung it out last November!
I saw chickadees in the front tree and thought they might stay if I offered them food.
But they flew on…..
However, we are not entirely  without our birds here though….
One can always count on the Ravens ever present company.
Whether we like it or not!
I hope your Monday is the beginning of a good week for you.

I Have Never Been Eloquent

Moses said, “I have never been eloquent,…I am slow of speech and tongue.” The Lord said to him,”…go; I will help you speak and will teach you what to say.”
Exodus 4: 10-12 (NIV)
This verse has never been one that was hard for me to grasp, because I, like Moses, have never been blessed with the gift of expressing myself in speaking!
However, this verse to me is about far more than the Lord giving me words to speak when I don’t have the ability in myself  to do so.
It is about any time and every time that I have been put into a situation or a position where I have felt inadequate in my own strength or just plain afraid of the possible outcome.
As an example: I will never forget the first move Tim and I made to the Yukon in the dead of Winter. We were driving the largest U-Haul one could rent, and also pulling our car behind that!
The roads were snow packed and in many places slick. Every time we would be coming down a steep mountain pass I would be gripped with fear just knowing that  we were going to slide off of the road and disappear into the abbess of trees below never to be found, seen or heard of again.
Then there was that moment just before being wheeled into surgery; I remember wanting to jump right off of the table and say, “Forget it, I can’t do this.” “I’m too afraid of the pain I’m going to encounter when this is all over.”
You’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about..
There were those times when I found myself in job positions where I thought  certain some of my employees had to be the devil incarnate! Honestly, how else could a person be so ugly, hateful and just plain disrespectful?
But looking back on all of these instances and so many more, I see where the Lord’ hand was in it all.
When I was frightened on that mountain or in that surgery room, he saw me through and he gave me courage.
When I was overwhelmed by the ugliness and what felt like the evilness of others, he empowered me with the strength and the wisdom to deal with it. And he gave me the victory!
I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being put in situations where I am stretched beyond my abilities. I like living in my own comfortable skin. I like doing what I’m good at and not being asked by God or anyone else to have to deal with what’s uncomfortable for me, or scary, or hard.
I realize that as adults we become less daring; maybe even less confident.
But think about it…..How is it that we were ever able to walk? Well, I suppose it’s because we stood up, we fell a few times and decided that walking was so much better than crawling was. It was the same when learning to ride a bike….We wrecked, we got cuts and bruises, but in the end the joy and the freedom that pedaling that bike brought to us made it all well worth it.
I personally need to quit letting age, fear and inadequacy become an excuse for not stepping out in faith and allowing the Lord to bring something new into my life.
I know that many of us have memorized the verse  Philippians 4: 13
 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.
Maybe NOW is the time to really put this verse into action in our lives and truly trust the Lord to do just exactly what he promises he will do in us, and for us!

A Laundry Sign Project

Laundry Roon Sign
Step #1
This Laundry Sign Project is something I’ve been wanting to try for some time.
I’ve seen  many neat subway signs made by a lot of talented bloggers and thought this would be a good place to start; With a laundry sign I can hang in the basement!

Laundry room Sign

Okay, here’s what I did:
I stretched a white sheet over a wooden frame and stapled it to the back.  I painted the sheet with white wall paint to give it a nice canvas texture.
Next I used wall paint again to trim the canvas with turqoise scallops.

For the lettering I dug out my stencils and went to town!

Laundry room sign
Here is a close up of the stencilling.

Laundry Room Sign
Can you tell by looking that I used magic markers?
I hadn’t planned on using markers, but I realized that I didn’t have one of those special brushes used for stencilling.
 I did have a large variety of coloured markers on hand.
See how I’m making do?

Laundry Room Sign
When the stencilling was completed I added a clothesline. It is going in the laundry room after all!
Lastly I trimmed the top with a red ribbon and gingham. This, I attached to the canvas with a double-faced carpet tape.
And there you have it.

I have to say it was a fairly easy project, ladies.
The hardest part of it all was the alignment of the lettering.
I have to admit that I did draw very faint pencil lines, which helped, and did test stencilling on paper to estimate the letter lay out.
The only thing I would do differently next time is that I would paint the sheet first and then stretch it onto the wooden frames. This would eliminate the wobbles formed on the sheet from the wet paint.

picture3 (2)

I have always loved this quote. It was popularised in 1942-1943 during WW11.
The original version was, “Eat it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or do without.” This was described in 1937 as “the four threads of the New England character.

I have recently taken this to heart and have begun to put this quote into action. It has become quite fun and challenging to practice just making do.
I would really like to know how some of you might put this quote into practice….
Have you even considered it?

How To Decorate With Colour

How To Decorate With Colour
I wanted to share a few tips with you on how to decorate with colour.
Many of you, like myself, don’t live in a climate that allows us to have blooming flowers year round.
But never fear, we can bring colour and flowers into our home without spending even a penny!

Like here.
If you are like me, you no doubt have a stash of floral scrap booking paper in your craft room just waiting to be turned into sweet flowers;)
Do you have an old vintage suitcase?
I do.
A really ugly beige one.
I need to try painting it or decoupaging it like this one.

Now if I was experienced at crocheting, I know I would definitely want to make this!
So far the only crocheting I’ve mastered is pot scrubbers!

For more colourful inspiration please check out my Pinterest page and visit the Color My Decor board that Brenda started over the weekend.
It is full of many wonderful way to add colour to your home during these long Winter days.
This sampler is the inspiration piece for my latest project.
If it turns out you will see it.
If not, I think you know exactly where it’s headed for!
What things are you doing to brighten your Winter days, my friend?
I’m all ears….
and eyes!
I am partying here:
Thrifty Life Thursday

Bringing Back Red

red kit   I am adding Red to my kitchen. Again.If you’ve been a long time follower of mine then you know that my past kitchens have always contained Red.

When I redecorated my present kitchen for fall I changed out my summer colours to neutral colours and left it this way throughout the Christmas holidays.
But I am so..done with the neutrals. For. Now.
I’m not sure if I’m just suffering from Cabin Fever, but I definitely felt the need for colour in the kitchen again.
Something cheery.


It always surprises me though, how much time a project like this takes.
My intention is to just grab a few pieces out of storage to add back to my kitchen decor.
But then it becomes a snowball of ideas  that just keeps growing and this simple (I’ll be done in a day) project ends up taking three or four days!
That’s how it is for me, at least.
Just look at the mess I’ve created!
But you know how it goes with decorating.
You try this, you try that.
You hang something, then it doesn’t look right, so you take it back down again and try something else.
I often end up putting half of the goods back into storage again.
I think it’s a good thing I’ve got such an easy going husband…
Who, by the way, has his own home project he’s been working on.
But that I’ll share with you in a later post.
So tell me, are you suffering any Cabin Fever?
Or are you keeping it at bay with your own projects?
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How To Paint On Fabric

Hello Friends!
I told you several days ago that I was going to show you how I painted on fabric for our sewing room/office curtain.
First, you’ll have to visualise the above photo unpainted because I forgot to get a before photo.

I wanted to do this fabric painting project NOW, so I racked by brain trying to come up with what I might have at home that could work.
I have craft paints on hand, but I didn’t want a stiff painted finish for the curtains. 
Then I came up with the idea of using food colouring .
I first cut fabric strips for experimenting with the right balance of the dye and water mixture.
When I discovered that I didn’t have any red food colouring I decided to use beet juice.
And it worked beautifully!
I believe can thank Ma Ingalls from “Little House on the Prairie”  for this little tidbit of knowledge:)

Honestly I was surprised that the colours worked out to be exactly what I was wanting to achieve for this project.
The pale red and blue were simply diluted.
The lime green, which looks more yellow here, was a mix of yellow and green together.
I applied it to the fabric with a craft paint brush, being very careful to stay within the lines of the postal pattern on the curtains.
 I also placed a plastic barrier underneath the fabric to protect the surface it was lying on.
This is a must!
Now this is all experimental on my part…
But I figured that you don’t know until you try, right?

 Since I was worried that the dye would run after washing I sprayed the painted areas with an acrylic coating to seal them.
I feel pretty confident this won’t wash out.
At least I hope not!
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I will be back to share with you how it looks once it is hanging.
I want to paint the window’s trim first.
Oh yes, another project!

Please join me as party here: