A Prayer Request for Grandsons

Hi Friends
Tim and I have two little Grandsons who are in the hospital.
Camden, who is five, was hospitalised on Monday with only 70 percent lung capacity.
He is back up to 94 percent now, but he is so deficient in iron that his red blood count is still very low.
They still don’t know what caused his lung problems yet.
Our Grandson Reece, who is three, had his tonsils and adenoids out yesterday.
He is doing well and will likely be dismissed today.
So it is not serious, but I would appreciate your prayers for them both the little fellows.
Thank you ladies!

38 thoughts on “A Prayer Request for Grandsons

  1. Prayers coming your way. The little ones can sure make us worry can't they! I hope they figure out what is causing Camden his lung problem and low iron count. I remember when my daughter had to have her adenoids out. They recover so quickly at that age. Take care.


  2. Oh my…This is sad news. I have already said prayers and will continue to pray for you all in this difficult time. Please keep us updated as you are able. Much love and big hugs to you my friend. xo


  3. I saw this late today and I am so happy to hear that both boys are doing well. Glad Camden's lungs are recovering. That happens sometimes with little ones. Blessings- xo Diana


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