A Laundry Sign Project

Laundry Roon Sign
Step #1
This Laundry Sign Project is something I’ve been wanting to try for some time.
I’ve seen  many neat subway signs made by a lot of talented bloggers and thought this would be a good place to start; With a laundry sign I can hang in the basement!

Laundry room Sign

Okay, here’s what I did:
I stretched a white sheet over a wooden frame and stapled it to the back.  I painted the sheet with white wall paint to give it a nice canvas texture.
Next I used wall paint again to trim the canvas with turqoise scallops.

For the lettering I dug out my stencils and went to town!

Laundry room sign
Here is a close up of the stencilling.

Laundry Room Sign
Can you tell by looking that I used magic markers?
I hadn’t planned on using markers, but I realized that I didn’t have one of those special brushes used for stencilling.
 I did have a large variety of coloured markers on hand.
See how I’m making do?

Laundry Room Sign
When the stencilling was completed I added a clothesline. It is going in the laundry room after all!
Lastly I trimmed the top with a red ribbon and gingham. This, I attached to the canvas with a double-faced carpet tape.
And there you have it.

I have to say it was a fairly easy project, ladies.
The hardest part of it all was the alignment of the lettering.
I have to admit that I did draw very faint pencil lines, which helped, and did test stencilling on paper to estimate the letter lay out.
The only thing I would do differently next time is that I would paint the sheet first and then stretch it onto the wooden frames. This would eliminate the wobbles formed on the sheet from the wet paint.

picture3 (2)

I have always loved this quote. It was popularised in 1942-1943 during WW11.
The original version was, “Eat it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or do without.” This was described in 1937 as “the four threads of the New England character.

I have recently taken this to heart and have begun to put this quote into action. It has become quite fun and challenging to practice just making do.
I would really like to know how some of you might put this quote into practice….
Have you even considered it?

26 thoughts on “A Laundry Sign Project

  1. That is a fun idea! And it's a quote we are familiar with having heard it often growing up. I've been known to spout it myself. It will look great in your laundry room.


  2. I like this saying and it sure speaks for some people today too, as we try to live within a budget and keep things out of the landfill. Your sign is really cute and perfect for your laundry room! It would be nice done on a dollar store canvas too.


  3. I love the sign!!! My laundry is in the garage so no cute signs for me, boo hoo! I recently cleaned my pantry and pulled out everything that had pull dates getting near. This is what I am using for my meals. I must admit there were a couple things past pull, ugh! I'm working on better rotation.


  4. wow…SOO cute! I love it. It should look darling in there. I'd be terrified to attempt such a thing. I am just not good with drawing of any kind. Even just stenciling with letters. Quite impressed! Enjoy your week-end!


  5. My mother was very frugal and lived by this quote and I have always been a “wear it out-er” especially when it comes to certain things like furniture and clothes. In fact, I wish some of my things would wear out! 🙂


  6. Your sign is adorable! I love the clothes hanging on the line:>) I grew up in a very frugal family an after “making do” for years as a young wife who chose to stay home and home school the girls instead of work outside the home, I find that I actually prefer to decorate with hand me downs, cast offs and roadside finds. I like the individual look that it gives my home and the freedom it gives me to paint and decorate the pieces to make them one of a kind. I also like saving good “stuff” from the dump. It seems a shame to not make things last as long as they have good use left in them!


  7. love the sign, and the clothesline added a perfect finish. I, too, was brought up to make do, all my clothes were mad by my Mum, she was a very clever talented dressmaker, home grown meat, fruit and veges, and that carries over to today. I am known to be very ” Practical” !!!Cheers from Jean


  8. Adorable!! Much too pretty to be in your basement where it will only be enjoyed by very few readers and admirers! LOVE the quote, and actually have always had this attitude!Poppy


  9. I love your sign, Kimberly. I have even “stenciled” using a paper towel to pounce paint on lightly when I didn't have a brush. I like how yours turned out with the magic marker, too. It has more defined lines-which I like.Isn't that a wonderful old saying? I can remember hearing it years ago on the farm- xo Diana


  10. Ummm – I don't know if the laundry room is the perfect place for it though… it will be hiding away – it's such nice meaningful Art work. I'd put it front and center – a place to see daily.. But in decorating ones laundry room and needing wall art this is a perfect piece of art.. Great job..LOVE the colors too.Hugs


  11. Wow, that looks great Kimberly! I love the way it looks and the quote as well. I make do or do without on a regular basis. When you haven't a cent to spend you just make do with what you have and you learn to be grateful for the small things. It's a great lesson to learn and I obviously needed to learn it.


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