Snow Scenes

Camp and Cottage Living
It’s been a long time since I’ve shared any photos of the snow here.
It hasn’t changed much. We’ve had this amount of snow for months now.
This is our screened porch.
My husband does such a nice job of keeping the snow cleared from it’s deck that I almost feel guilty about not using it.
 It’s hard not to be dreaming of the warm and sunny days when I can once again enjoy reading out there!
This is a our back yard looking onto the ski hill.

Camp and Cottage Living
This poor little bird house hasn’t seen one visitor since I hung it out last November!
I saw chickadees in the front tree and thought they might stay if I offered them food.
But they flew on…..
However, we are not entirely  without our birds here though….
One can always count on the Ravens ever present company.
Whether we like it or not!
I hope your Monday is the beginning of a good week for you.

23 thoughts on “Snow Scenes

  1. Wow, I've never lived where you get that much snow. I've always thought snow was so pretty but maybe I have second thoughts. It would be only me digging out my driveways. I think I would learn what the term snowbound means. Okay, I still think it is pretty from a distance!! Stay warm!


  2. Oh, Yeah, Baby! Your pictures look a lot like ours! Do you ever wonder why God wanted US to live in such cold climates? I guess because we are pretty STURDY DURABLE people! lol Love the raven-please keep him and his friends up there-xo Diana


  3. Oh, you have a lot of snow Kimberly! It looks pretty but I'm sure you are very tired of it by now, as we are. It snowed all morning here and we're going to have a warm up to rain this afternoon followed by a flash freeze. The schools are closed in our district today as the roads are so slippery from Saturday night's snow. It's never ending this year. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Another month should make a big difference right?? 🙂


  4. Happy Monday! I have loved the snow since we moved here six years ago but for some weird reason, this year am not enjoying it as much-in fact I want clear days, they can be cold but no snow. Maybe because I miss biking or the need to work on the yard before we move in May/June. It is hard to realize we have three more months of weather-could be four. Stay in and stay warm Kimberly.Hugs, Noreen


  5. Nice photos . Looks like it does here with all the snow lol ! Our Crows George and Margaret have been around a lot to ! At least the sun has been shining more for us here ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !


  6. Still mighty cold for you, down here autumn has arrived. 3.6 Celsius this morning, fairly early!!! Do you shovel or have a snow blower? Hope you get some warmer days very soon. Cheers from Jean


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